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Country Patchwork Quilt Guild

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September 2015

Volume 26    Issue 8


From the President


       Well, another month just flew by, and in 3-4 weeks the quilt show will be here. Are you READY?  Are your miniatures and silent auction items finished and ready?  If not, you have a couple of weeks to tidy things up. 
      As most of you know the church is not ready yet so we will be back at Wood-Houston Bank room on the north side of the square.  Also, no no refreshments.  Each one will be on their own for lunch etc.  Board meeting will be at 10:30 a.m.
       Remember to bring your address labels from your Love of Quilting magazine if you want to renew or get a new subscription for $15.00  Again this year they are offering  free thread and 2 quilting books, so don’t  forget.
         Come in September and be ready to volunteer to help where needed with quilt show.  I’m sure Norma Jeane will have many places to fill.  If you are a new member be sure to read the hand-out Norma Jeane handed out last month.  She did a nice job outlining the details of Thursday and Friday activities.....
                  Let's be ready to Help!!!!!!
Oh yes, surgery is over and I'm on the mend.  A little slow, but sure that's just me HA HA.



August Friendship Block Drawing—Kathy C


As most of you know, I don't have time to make quilts.  So most of my quilts are ones that the guild helped me make, and I do appreciate that.  Right now I am working on making quilts for each of my 8 grandkids, 6 of them are girls, as they get married, or get somewhat settled.  I'm a little behind here.  Also I have 9 great grandkids,

8 of which are girls.  I was keeping up pretty well here, until my granddaughter had twins this year.

So I am pretty busy with family.  They love to come to the farm. They all like to ride the horses, well, not the twins yet, swim in the pond and get muddy in the garden.

The farm is a lot of work, but I love it.  The cows will start calving soon, it was hard getting the hay put up with all the rain, no down time on the mowing this year, plenty of weeds in the garden, but it's still producing enough to need to can and freeze stuff.

I really enjoy the guild and all the friendships I've made.  Thanks for making a block for me.                                                                                                                    


September Program—Shirley G

The meeting for September will be held at the Wood & Huston Community Room.


Program for September will be given by Shirley G, telling us about quilting on a sewing machine and her custom work and I am sure she will have lots of eye candy for us.


We will be back in the church for the October luncheon with new flooring and new paint, etc. throughout.  The ladies are ready to provide the meal at $11 each as in the past.  Be prepared to sign up and pay in September but final cut off will be October 1 on the count. 




All articles for the newsletter can be submitted as soon as possible or at least be submitted by the 25th to:

Paula S—Contact information can be found in your membership handbook.


Remember, we will not have refreshments at the September meeting because the church is not ready. And we will be meeting at the Wood and Huston Bank Community Room.


Kathryn J has a Singer treadle machine in original oak cabinet with 6 drawers and fancy carving for sale.  She is asking $200 OBO.  Contact Kathryn  if interested. 



September Birthdays            October Birthdays                 No refreshments served at the

Anita C—2                              Betty S—19                             September meeting.

Micki U—4                              Marty W—30

Kathleen S—17                      

Karen G—21              

Barbara D—25                                      


2015 Quilt Show


   First of all, I want to thank everyone who completed a Challenge!  What a colorful, creative display they make when all together!  I am very pleased with the participation and the talent this Guild has!


   Today I spoke to the YMCA lunch group and shared info about the show.  Bobbie Jo, Marty, and I took the quilt to the State Fair and sold tickets there.  Linda C and I have completed the show booklet and it is now at the print shop.   Thank You notes are being written to those people who are allowing us to borrow their quilts.     The fraternity has us on their calendar and will meet us at 5 pm on Thurs, the 24th.  We are down to counting DAYS now before the show!  I'm beginning to feel myself slip into panic mode but know we, as an experienced Guild, can work together to put on another show.  Please sign up to work several positions.  Even if you are not signed up to work be there to meet people and answer any quilting questions they may have.  You are wanted and needed!!

Norma Jeane





AUGUST 11, 2015

The Board meeting was called to order with Marlyn, Bobbie Jo, Norma Jeane, Charlene, Betty, Gayle, Marty, Kathy, Paula, and Donna present.

Bobbie Jo conducted the meeting due to Marlyn’s injury. BJ read the minutes from the last meeting, they were approved with the correction that the sales at the Alma 4th of July was $202.00 not $200.00. Treasurer’s Report-there was a visa charge concerning the annual registration with the state that Kathy does every year, receipt was given to Charlene. Our Chamber of Commerce membership dues of $75.00 is due, and the insurance is also due with a few changes, and corrections to the amount of items that we have in the storage shed. Motion to accept the report was second and approved.

Quilt Show-everything is falling into place, we will use the Martin Center tables not ours. Sign-up sheets will be passed around again since there were empty spots, also sheets for props to bring. Toby Lishko will stay with Betty for Friday and Saturday nights. Marlyn and Norma Jeane will write a summary of Quilt Show guidelines for all members so they have an idea of how the show works. Marlyn’s granddaughter and husband worked the Norborne Soybean festival for her since she could not, they sold $185.00. She should be able to do the Waverly Apple Jubilee in September.

Heartland Quilt Network membership dues is due.

Refreshments will not be served while we do not meet in the Church. A motion to do away with refreshments altogether second was not approved, we will continue to serve refreshment, but please try to keep it simple.

A Quilt Show Chairman for 2016 is needed you do not need to do it by yourself, you can have 2, 3 or 4 people as chairmen, just remember to distribute the work.

Programs-there are 13 signed up for the Workshop on Aug 12. Lunch will not be a carry in potluck. September meeting place will be determined next month.

Motion to adjourn, second and passed.

Donna R-Secretary

Please add the following member information to your membership handbook:

Peggy C

(see emailed newsletter for personal information)



AUGUST 11, 1015

President Marlyn opened the meeting at the Wood and Huston Community Center and welcomed one guest,

 Peggy C.

The Minutes and Treasurer’s reports were approved.

It was announced that 13 have signed up for the workshop by Mindy Smith on Wed. Aug 12. The workshop will be held at the Saline County Health Dept. and each attendee is responsible for her own lunch instead of potluck. The workshop will begin at 9:00 but the door will be open at 8:00.

Our program for September will be CPQG member Shirley G.

No reports from Sunshine, Historian or Library.

Charity-Janet donated a quilt top batting and labels.

Hospitality-Gayle indicated that she had not used much of the money allocated, so it was decided to use some of it for the quilt show if needed.

Friendship Block-Paula explained her block and said “Thank You,” to those who decide to take one. Kathy Cary name was drawn for next month.

Quilt Show-Norma Jeane handed out a paper to explain and remind everyone of some of the quilt show basics. Nancy was thanked for the chair signs for the show-a “take a load off,” “relax,” “free parking.” Linda was thanked for working on the booklet, Norma Jeane, Donna and Beth for working on the layout. Everyone was reminded to SIGN-UP to work at the quilt show. Rita showed a pillow from Millie for the Silent Auction, Norma Jeane collected the pieces for the Guild Challenge. Each one who participated showed her entry-WOW!

Door Prize Winners-Gayle, Anita, Alisa, and Marlyn.

Sept. Meeting-we should be back at the church. Keep refreshments simple: Mona, Dorothy and Elsie.

Marlyn discussed another offer from “Fons and Porter Mag” for $15.00 new membership or renewal. Give to Charlene at Sept. meeting.

Show-n-Tell- Barbara, Janet, Shirley, Eileen, Marty, Beth and Marilyn shared their latest projects.

Handouts for upcoming shows were available.

A sewing machine is for sale-see Kathryn J. for info.

Board Meeting for September-10:30 a.m.

Karen introduced Mindy Smith who gave a program about labeling your quilts.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Lavonne B  for Donna R, Secretary


Country Patchwork Quilt Guild

August Treasurer’s Report

Charlene G

(see emailed newsletter for financial information)





Sept 8              CPQG Board Meeting @ 1030 a.m.

CPQG Monthly meeting 1 pm, Wood-Houston Bank room, Marshall, MO.

Program is Shirley G.

Sept 18-19      Northland Needlers Quilt Show, Salvation Army Community Center, 5306 N Oak Trfwy,

Kansas City, MO 64118

Sept 19-20      Harvest of Quilts XI Show, Evansville, IN. Admission $6. For more information go to



Oct 13             CPQG Annual Luncheon, Noon, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1000 S Miami, Marshall, MO. Cost is $11.



CPQG Newsletter

Marlyn M

                                                        Autumn Begins

                                                 September 23