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Country Patchwork Quilt Guild


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May 2015


Volume 26   Issue 5




From the President



Hope all of you have been enjoying the dogwood, and lilacs. They have been just beautiful over here. This month has been flying by. Guess when your busy you lose all track of time.


We're going to miss you, Donna B, we wish you well on your move. Here’s hoping your sale went well. Come visit us anytime.


Just a reminder to keep on working on your miniatures, challenges, and bazaar items. Oh, yes your quilts too.


We're making the last quilt of valor on Monday.


Remember the workshop on guild day, 9 AM sharp, I'll try to have the church open by 8 am.


Keep quilting,








By Cindy Thury Smith 1999



1.  Thou shalt not ridicule a student’s choice of fabrics nor their colors; a student’s taste should be reflected in their work.


2.  Thou shalt not require excessive expenditures for a class; thou dost not know a student’s financial situation.


3.  Thou shalt provide students with clearly written and illustrated handouts. Thou shalt be able to explain a construction step with more than one method (written, verbal, visual).


4.  Thou shalt provide value for their money; at least one other variation of the quilt in addition to the standard design.


5.  Thou shalt be on time, start on time and provide time for questions.


6.  Thou shalt circulate amongst the students, checking progress, even if thy feet dost hurt.


7.  Thou shalt find something positive to say about each student’s work. Thou shalt not have a “My way or the highway” frame of mind; creativity comes in many forms.


8.  When a student makes a good suggestion, thou will announce it to the class and give credit where due.


9.  Thou shalt allow some time after class to help anyone who sews at a more leisurely pace.


10.  Thou shalt show numerous samples; and if thou dost not have numerous samples done, make suggestions for other applications of the pattern.


14 April 2015 Board Meeting



President Marlyn M called the meeting to order with Norma Jeane, Bobbie Jo, Gayle, Paula, Karen, Dorothy, Charlene, and Donna present.


The Board minutes of March were read and approved.


Marlyn’s 48 year old son Darren had a heart attack, he had 4 stints put in and is doing good. Norma Jeane had sewer problems so they could not attend the Heartland program on April 11. The information will be mailed to the Guild. Donna R will be the 2016 Program Chairman.


Marlyn talked to the Carrollton Library, they have very outdated quilting books, and we may be able to donate some of our library books to them.


The guild was asked to White Glove (Quilt Police) at the Trails End Quilt Show in Sedalia but was unable to accept but maybe next year.


We sold $93.00 in tickets at the Cultural Arts Show, the Chocolate Festival will be April 24, and those that offered to make chocolate samples need to get them to Bobbie Jo April 23. Shirley offered to take the raffle quilt to Arrow Rock Quilt Camp, and the Spring Fling will be May 9, at Arrow Rock.


Quilt Show-still working on Quilts of Valor, we have book marks now carry them and some 4 folds and hand them out to Quilt Shops that you visit and to friends.


Betty E estate donated 5 quilts for the Bazaar and a few other items. Betty P also had vintage fabric


36” wide and Michael M donated items also for the Bazaar.


Day Trip-12 going have room for 2 or 3 more people we will leave the church at 8:30am.


Fidget Quilts for Alzheimer’s or Dementia patients, about 14 to 16” square with different textured material and items securely attached so they can feel and play with them.


Fon’s and Porter have received our order.


We received a check for $780.00 from Tourism


Motion to adjourn second and passed.


Donna R-Secretary


Please make these changes to your membership book:



Katherine S

(see emailed newsletter for personal information changes)


All articles for the newsletter can be submitted as soon as possible or at least be submitted by the 25th to: Paula S—Contact information can be found in your membership handbook.


14 April 2015 Meeting Minutes



President M opened the meeting and welcomed our guest Dana B, Rita M’s daughter.


Minutes as printed in the newsletter were approved with the following correction. Gayle H sold $42.00 in raffle tickets, and Marty not Mary collected her blocks. The Treasurers report as printed in the newsletter was approved.


The Guilds Day Trip is tomorrow April 15, to Missouri Star Quilt Co. in Hamilton, and Crossroads Quilting in Cameron. We will be leaving the Church at 8:30am.


Connie G  has some fabric to make a throw for her and would like someone to make it and also has some other items for sale.


Program-Kathy Delany will be our speaker for next month and will be doing a morning workshop on hand applique that morning at 9:00am. The Board meeting will be after the workshop.


Marlyn’s son Darren had a heart attack with 4 stints put in and is doing well. Marlyn and Norma Jeane could not attend the Heartland Meeting. Donna R  will be the 2016 Program Chairman.


Sunshine-Marilyn S hasn’t been at the meetings lately, Janet E will send a thinking of you card.


Historian-Mary Pat asked for pictures and brochures from  the Day Trip for the History book.


Library-Bobbie Jo donated a book on back basting applique.


Charity-Christy finished 2 more quilts.


Friendship-Shirley collected hers and handed some more out, Beth had hers to hand out, and  Nancy was chosen for May.


Quilt Show-Norma Jeane handed out some bookmarks, hand them out at Quilt Shops or friends. Nancy donated a panel that matches the picture on the front of the 4-folds; Norma Jeane is getting material to make a quilt like the picture. Showed some Quilts of Valor. Don’t forget your challenge projects. We have been given 5 quilts for the Bazaar from Betty E estate. When you give your items to the Bazaar please put a price on them, the tags are made out of brown paper bags cut 2x3 rectangles and cut with pinking scissors if possible. Bobbie Jo is taking the raffle quilt to the Chocolate Festival April 24; there was $93.00 of tickets sold at the Culture Arts Fair at Marshall High School.


Fon’s & Porter have received our Magazine order.


Door Prize Winners: Donna R, Dorothy, Anita, and Beth.


Marlyn thanked Marty for taking quilts to Sedalia for the Trails End Quilt Show, Karen will pick them up. Donna B is moving back to California, she is having an estate sale April 30. She also wished Shirley, Christy, Millie and Donna a Happy Birthday.


Show-n-tell was presented. Our program was a slide show of some of the guild members sewing rooms.


Refreshments were served.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully,                                                                                                   Donna R-Secretary




May Birthdays


June Birthdays

Dixie N—1

Karen G

Rita M—19

Katherine S—21

Darlene L

Lynn O—26


Marilyn S

Marilyn S—27




MAY PROGRAM: Kathy Delaney “Not your Grandma’s Applique


Workshop at next meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. and be entitled "Not Your Grandma's Applique" by Kathy Delaney. It will cover a different way to transfer the design to the fabric (No tracing) and then the stitching will be accomplished with needle turn applique. She will be concentrating on the technique and building the flower. Cost for workshop is $10 and can be paid at the door.



1 FQ of background material


Applique fabrics in 5 reds (mediums to darks; reds to orange - nice variety for rose) 2 greens for leaves


Thread to match colors


Needles - she recommends #11 or #12 sharps of #11 milliners Embroidery scissors


Small paper scissors Applique pins


Lunch is on your own.


Kathy will also be giving the program and trunk show in the afternoon.


If you did not sign up but would like to attend, please email me so she will know how many to count on.


Also, be considering whether you can go to the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival on June 19th. I will have a sign-up sheet at May meeting. Admission is $10 plus your lunch and purchases. We will leave from church at 9:00 a.m. and return whenever people are done. I will also need drivers.





April Friendship Block Drawing—Nancy N


Nancy’s biography may or may not appear in the July newsletter.




April Treasurer’s Report—


(see emailed newsletter for financial information)

Charlene G







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May 11 Lee’s Summit Quilters’ Guild, Woods Chapel Methodist Church, 4725 NE Lakewood Way, Lee’s Summit, MO. Program with Mary and Marianne Fons @ 10:30 am and 6:30 pm. Tickets are 20.00 plus a fee. for more info.


May 12           CPQG Board Meeting @ Noon following the 9am workshop with Kathy Delaney. CPQG Monthly meeting 1 pm, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1000 S Miami, Marshall, MO.


May 13-16    Machine Quilters Showcase, Cedar Rapids, IA. for more info.


June 19           Day trip to Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. for more info.