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Country Patchwork Quilt Guild
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March 2015
Volume 26 Issue 3


From the President
Here it is newsletter time again. Time seems to be flying by. I've been getting lots of sewing done which is surprising. Lots of Drs. visits lately which seem to take up a lot of time, Melvin is doing as good as can be expected, changing medicine is not easy for him as family history is not good. Trusting in God that things will turn out alright.
Remember if you are interested in ordering Love of Quilting, we need your money and address at the March meeting. We have had a good response to this. Thanks.
Happy Birthday to Betty L, Mary Pat W, Elsie L, and Gayle H.
Glad to hear that quilting at Bobbie Jo's is going so well. Remember new members and old as well, this a good opportunity to learn or to improve on your hand quilting. There are lots of experienced quilters that would be happy to lend a hand. Also enjoy good food and fellowship----what more could you ask for.
Thanks to everyone who stayed after refreshments for the workshop--demonstration. You missed out, hope to see some finished items at the meeting.

February Friendship Block—Shirley G
Shirley’s bio may appear in the April newsletter.

March Program
Will be D & T Quilt Shop. Theresa will be demonstrating the Wonka ruler and different ways to put blocks together. She will also bring some quilts to show and fat quarters for sale plus patterns that use fat quarters.

Quilt Show 2015:
At this early date members need to be (1) turning in ticket sales money (2) working on Challenge Projects. Remember the theme: Celebrate America, Sweet Land of Liberty. Nothing over 100" perimeter. Due Aug. 11. You can do it!! (3) making items for the Bazaar and/or (4) making items for the Silent Auction. I am currently working on raising both awareness and money for the show. Bobbi Jo, Beth and I took the quilt to Apple Tree for a Viking Club Meeting, sold tickets and told about our show. Many in the audience had attended our shows in the past and spoke highly of them! That says a lot about our Guild and the work we do to put on a great show. Your work is appreciated.
Norma Jeane

Note about February Program:
I would like to clarify my thoughts. If everyone that wants to participate in making one of the 4 fabric cuts that Gina Hare did would do the following:
1. Bring 4 10-inch squares to the March meeting. These 4 may all match or maybe two of them match. Keep your fabrics muted in brown, greens--things Gina had on her board.
2. We will have a fabric swap. You will take home 4 10-inch squares and do the making of the blocks. You do not have to square them up. Marty will do that for us.
3. Bring the four new blocks back to the April meeting. Marty will take them, with anyone that wants to help her, and organize them into a quilt top. This will be quilted and be an item for the bazaar.
4. Directions on how to prepare your blocks will be at the March meeting. Any questions, you may e-mail Marty

10 February 2015
Board Meeting Minutes

President Marlyn opened the meeting. Minutes were read and approved from January.
She thanked Paula for printing the Budget for 2015. We need a Program and Quilt Show Chairman for 2016, please volunteer, they need to get started now especially for Programs. Donna B asked to be released from Sunshine she doesn’t have the time, Janet E volunteered to take over.
Quilt Show-Places we will be showing the quilt and selling raffle tickets and cookbooks. Janet and Kathy went to Ladies Night Out in Marshall; March 21, Arts Council at Marshall High School; April 24, the 2nd Annual Chocolate Festival-will also need to provide 40 samples of chocolate will use some recipes from the Cook Book; May 9, Arrow Rock maybe depending on cost; May 16, Spring fling in Marshall; Sept 11 & 12, Waverly Apple Jubilee; Sept 12, Santa Fe Trails Day; Appletree, Viking Days.
Gayle H will make the ribbons. Need a Bazaar Chairman, Silent Auction-Rita and Amanda, Lavonne-Signs. WRBQ-Midwest-travel guide if they chose our quilt for their cover our advertising will be free otherwise it is $100.00. The 4 folds are completed.
Newsletter-Marlyn has them printed for a $1.00 at the hospital where she volunteers.
Motion made to move the cookbook sales from the general fund to the Memorial fund no second was made, motion failed.
Dr. Maude Wahlman will be speaking March 7 at Arrow Rock Visitor Center on African Symbolism in Quilts, it is free.
Motion to adjourn, second and passed. Donna R

Please add these new members to your Membership Book:
Kathleen S
Nancy N
(see emailed newsletter for personal information)

10 February 2015
Regular Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Marlyn M.
Motion was made to approve the minutes and Treasurers Report as printed in the Newsletter, second, motion passed.
New members Kathleen S and Nancy N were introduced and welcomed.
Marlyn thanked Paula for printing the budget in the Newsletter.
Sunshine: Donna B asked to be released from this duty, Janet E took over.
Historian: Mary Pat asked for any articles from papers or magazines for the history book.
Charity: Norma Jeane and Marlyn thanked Christy for quilting the Quilts of Valor quilts.
Friendship: Marty handed out her Wonky Star blocks and Shirley G was chosen for March.
Quilt Show: They will be advertising in WRBQ-Midwest, if our Quilt is chosen for the cover our advertising will be free. Bobbie Jo is in charge of the raffle ticket sales, and finding places to show the Quilt. Rita and Amanda-Silent Auction, Donna R-Vendors, Betty –advertising, Karen-technology helped with the 4 folds, Gayle-award ribbons, the Bazaar is
still vacant. Challenge Project is to be based on the theme of the show and the project size perimeter should not be over 100 inches, it is due August 4, 2015. We will need props for the show.
Old Business: If you want to order the Fons & Porter magazine let Marlyn know by the March 10th meeting at which time the order will be sent in. Motion to approve the 2015 Budget as printed in the Newsletter was second and passed.
New Business: Betty E is in the Carrollton Care Center and could use some cards; her Birthday is March 9. Keep Gloria K and Donna B in your thoughts. There are some magazines for free from Donna B.
Door Prize winners: Norma Jeane, Marty, Gayle, Beth, Marlyn. Show-n-Tell presented.
Karen introduced Gina H who is in the night guild, Stitch by Stitch. She is presenting a trunk show and demonstrated a Cuttin Freestyle way of making blocks.
Meeting adjourned. Refreshments served. Workshop started.
Donna R

Hostesses—March         March Birthdays         April Birthdays
Gayle H                                 Mary Pat W-1                 Shirley G-8
Kathryn J                             Betty L-5                             Donna R-10
Mary Pat W                         Elsie L-22                         Christy W-12
                                                Gayle H-24                         Millie M-19

Anita C
Paula S
Rita M

Country Patchwork Quilt Guild
February Treasurer’s Report

Charlene G       (see emailed newsletter for financial information)

All articles for the newsletter can be submitted as soon as possible or at least be submitted by the 25th to: Paula S


March 7 First Saturday Lecture -- Signs & Symbols: African Images in African-American Quilts, presented by Dr. Maude Wahlman - 10 a.m. This is a free event. Learn more at Friends of Arrow—Arrow Rock State Historic Site Visitor Center

March 10 CPQG Board Meeting, 10:30 am
CPQG Monthly meeting 1 pm, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1000 S Miami, Marshall, MO. Following the meeting will be Teresa Gerber, D&T Quilt Shop demonstrating the Wonka Ruler and Trunk Show.

April 10 and 11—It’s A Gatherin’, Stover, MO –30 Quilt Shop Vendors, door prizes

April 10 and 11— Prairie Pine Quilt Guild QUILT SHOW “Quilting with the Stars” Friday 9 a.m. - 6p.m. Saturday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Audrain 4-H Center Mexico, MO (Route D off Highway 54 South) Over 100 quilts & items on display Vendors, Bed Turning, Demonstrations
Opportunity Quilt, Charity Auction, Quilt Appraisals—Hallye Bone, AQS-certified
Food Available Profits go to Busy Beavers 4-H Club Show admission $5 For additional info contact (573) 581-7322 or

CPQG Newsletter
Paula S, Coordinator

National Quilting Day
March 21 2015


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