Country Notes

Country Patchwork Quilt Guild

P O Box 365—Marshall MO 65340

July 2015

Volume 26    Issue 6


From the President


            Hope all are enjoying their summer.  We’ve been having very nice weather so far but I’m afraid summer is here and the hot weather.

            We had a wonderful day on June 19. The quilt show was nice, lots of pretty quilts and plenty of things to buy. Our car also took in the WWI museum also. Thanks to Karen for planning it.

            Enclosed you’ll find quilt show entry forms. Make extra copies as needed and try to have them ready at the July meeting. I know it’s early but this will give the girls in charge more time and maybe eliminate that last minute hurry. Also thanks to all who helped get the Quilts of Valor done.

            Also how are the sales of raffle tickets going? Keep them with you; you never know when you might see someone who wants some.

            Well things have happened the last 2 days, much unexpected. The basement of the church flooded during the rain storm. Received a phone call telling me we needed to move our supplies etc. With the help of Norma Jeane, Charles, and Marty that was accomplished. Marty came to our rescue, we took the things to her storage shed for now.

 THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE HELD AT THE SALINE CO. JUSTICE CENTER. It is located west on highway 20 past the concrete plant, ½ mile or so on the right side of the highway. If you have questions call ME. I’ll explain more at the meeting.

YOU ARE ON YOU OWN FOR DRINKS AND FOOD FOR THE DAY. It’s going to be inconvenient but we can do this. See you July 14th. Oh yes the board meeting will be at 9:30.!!!




May Friendship Block Drawing—Donna R

I have lived in Alma for the last 12 years and been a member of the guild for 11 years. My husband is Bob and we will be married 30 years on Dec 1. We have 4 children between the two of us. A daughter, Yvonne and husband Craig of Ketchum, OK. Their son John, (wife Jamie), is in the Army and stationed in Germany and their daughter Ashton is attending Wichita State. Our son Gary of Higginsville single; a daughter Wendy of Columbia; a son Travis (wife Melanee) of Alma with our youngest grandson Greyson 3 months.

            I learned how to hand piece and quilt in 1998 by Alice W while living in Boonville, MO. I still occasionally hand piece and some hand quilting. Still working on what pattern I will choose. Thank you for your help.





12 May 2015 Board Meeting

President Marlyn M opened the meeting with Betty, Bobbie, Jo Charlene, Paula, Kathy, Norma Jeane, Karen and Donna present.

Minutes were read and approved.

The credit card has been having a few problems but Charlene is working on getting them straightened out.

Marlyn thanked Karen for our day trip to Hamilton, she also thanked Karen and Marty for taking and picking up the quilts from the Trails End show in Sedalia.

We sold $75.00 in raffle tickets at the Chocolate Festival.

If you make a fidget quilt please turn it over to Paula.

No meeting in June. The program will be on rulers presented by Suann C at the July meeting.

Norma Jeane contacted the Veterans that will be receiving a quilt at the show; remember to make your challenge project.  She received a letter thanking the guild for the Spring Fling quilt that was auctioned off for $400.00.

The Marshall Visitor Center that is next to Jim the Wonder Dog Park would like a quilt to use to advertise our Quilt Show.

Karen has another day trip planned for June 19 to the KC Regional Quilt Show at the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, Kansas.

Motion to adjourn second and passed.


Donna R, Secretary

Please make these additions to your membership book:


Mona Baker                                                               Winter Address for Mona and Alisa

(See emailed newsletter for personal information)


Alisa Smith     4/01

(same info as above)


12 May 2015 Meeting Minutes

President M opened the meeting by welcoming our guests Mona S, and Alisa B who also joined the guild

Motion to accept minutes and Treasurers report as printed in the Newsletter was second and passed.

Marlyn thanked Karen for the Day Trip to Hamilton and also told about the trip to KC Regional Quilt Show on June 19 at the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, KS.

All Members new and current please wear your name tags so we can learn each other’s names.

Sunshine-Tim is having surgery.

Library-help yourselves to the magazines.

Charity-if you make a fidget blanket please turn it over to Paula. A thank you was received from Fitzgibbons Hospital for the quilt we donated it sold for $400.00.

Friendship Block-Beth collected hers and Nancy handed hers out. Donna was chosen for July.

Quilt Show-Marshall Spring Fling at Marshall square, the Chocolate Festival brought in $75.00, Arrow Rock Quilt Camp $30.00, Arrow Rock Spring Fling $80.00, Work on your challenge projects due by August meeting, also work on silent auction and bazaar items, remember to price your own bazaar items.

Door Prize-Winners were Charlene, Kathryn, Donna, Nancy and Dorothy.

If you got a new or renewed subscription to Fons and Porter you should have received some thread in the mail.

Show-n-tell was presented

Meeting adjourned

Program by Kathy Delaney

Refreshments served


Donna R, Secretary


Donna Baker

(see emailed newsletter for updated personal information after her move)


All articles for the newsletter can be submitted as soon as possible or at least be submitted by the 25th to:

Paula S—Contact information can be found in your membership handbook.


July Birthdays                       July Hostesses                        August Birthdays      August Hostesses

Tim L—3                                 Eileen H                                   Nancy N—2                Dixie N

Eileen H—13                           Lavonne B                               Bobbie Jo P—3            Janet E

Norma Jeane F—15                 Norma Jeane F                         Beth C—24

Darlene L—18                                                                         Gloria K—31

Marlyn M—24

Janet B--28


April Friendship Block Drawing—Nancy N


Born in Independence and grew up in Gladstone, Mo.  Have lived in ClayComo, Liberty, Kearney, and now Richmond, Mo.  Retired from AT&T in 1998, after 28 1/2 years. Have worked since then for Birch Telecom, on contract for AT&T, Golden Sky Systems and KMZU radio.  Married to Jim N, second marriage for each of us.  Together we have 5 grown children and 12 grandchildren.

My sister-in-law wanted me to start doing a Block of the Month with her at the Higginsville quilt shop.  I had sewn since Junior High but fell in love with quilting immediately and found a group to quilt with on a weekly basis.

A favorite project that I have worked on is a memory quilt made with my dad’s T-shirts for my mom to have at the Nursing Home.  I also have great pride when I do a Quilt of Valor.

My other interests: I'm a Mary Kay Consultant, manage our rental properties, and sometimes run truck parts for our dump trucks. We also have horses but I don't find much time to ride anymore.

I was thrilled to have my name drawn to have a friendship quilt made.  I have had the material quite a while and not known what I wanted to do with it.  When looking for a pattern for the friendship quilt I ran across the one called Chocolate Dip that I liked and thought since as quilters we always have some kind of goodies to eat, almost always some form of chocolate, that it was the right choice.  Thanks to all who took one of my blocks.


2015 Quilt Show


We have four categories for entries this year.  Large quilts will be those over 60 inches wide and Small Quilts will be less than 60" wide.   Members should think of those two categories as true "Quilts", ones that would fit on a large or small bed, or a child's nursery or a large throw. 

The other two categories are similar in size and nature, but different in style and construction.  The third category will be "Crazy Quilt or Non-traditional Art Quilt" and the fourth category will be "Wall-hangings/Traditional construction".    Think of one being more embellished and more "Artsy", the other more traditional.    This should make the judging easier and more equitable.

I am asking members to have their completed Show Entry Forms returned to me at the July Guild meeting or by July 21, if mailed.

Members, thank you so much for your enthusiasm over the Challenge!  I've been listening to you talking about your projects and am looking forward to having them on display at the show.   I heard a rumor that Rita got an inspiration while viewing the quilts at the Liberty Memorial.   If you are still stumped and wondering what to do...piggy back off a pattern.  You can do it!  You have until the August meeting to turn them in!  For you new members:  Theme= "Celebrate America, Sweet Land of Liberty".    Size= less than 100" perimeter.    No other rules.  Your style, you go for it!  


 I know we can have another successful show when we all work together.  We can do it!!

Thank you.                                                                                                                              Norma Jeane



May-June Treasurer’s Report—


May Treasurer’s Report

Charlene G

(See emailed newsletter for financial information)





JULY 17 – 7:00 TO 5:00; JULY 18 – 7:00 TO 3:00 HALF-PRICE SALE SAT. JULY 24, 7:00 - ?

Quilt Store fabric (including oriental, landscape, batik, animal prints - $4 per yard); Fat Quarters are $.50; Quilts, tops and blocks, mini quilts, tops and blocks; ribbon; floss; rulers; notions; thread; lace; embroidered scarfs; White serger; Inspira 10’ aluminum quilt frame; free fabric too – DO NOT MISS THIS SALE - ESTATE OF MICHAEL M



July 14            CPQG Board Meeting @ 9:30 am 

CPQG Monthly meeting 1 pm, Saline County Justice Center, 1915 W. Arrow St.

Program: Suann C “Rulers, Rulers, Rulers”

July 20            Cruisin’ Row by Row. Four great Row by Row Quilt Shops. Cost is $65. Bus departs at 8am. Contact Quilters Harvest for more info.


Sept 19-20      Harvest of Quilts XI Show, Evansville, IN Admission $6. For more information go to



CPQG Newsletter

Marlyn M


                        July is National

Ice Cream Month





From Karen G:


I forgot to send my notes to Paula for news. Letter -sorry.  

In July, we will have Suann C doing our program on some of the rulers she uses to make her beautiful quilts and how to use them.


In August, we will have Mindy Smith from Columbia doing an all day workshop on August 12 $25- pot luck lunch.  I have taken this class twice and got so much out of it relating to color, shading, type of threads and needles to use for what fabric, etc in addition to how to go about free motion Landscape quilting and thread painting.  Think about it because I need you to sign up in July so I will know whether to invite people from other guilds.


Also, there will be a presale of Michael's things for CPQG members only on Thursday, July 16, starting at 7:00 a.m.  I am still sorting fabric and may not have room to put it all out until some sells.  If you are looking for a particular style, ie animal, oriental, southwest, etc. Let me know.  Therefore, I may have to open up regular priced sale on 24th with half price later but will be sure to let you know.  


CPQG  Sponsor____________________________________________Phone _______________________

Country Patchwork Quilt Guild- Quilt Show Entry Form

Quilt Owner________________________________________Phone________________________


Name of Quilt_____________________________________Width_______________Length___________

Quilt Maker__________________________________Quilter__________________________________

Pattern Name_________________________________

Brief Narrative:  What or Whom inspired you to make this quilt?     Description of Quilt/Special history.



Entry Categories  (check one)                                              Construction

(     )   Large Quilt,   Over 60” width                                     Primary Color_____________

(     )   Small Quilt,   Less than 60” wide                               Secondary Color____________

(     )    Crazy Quilt or Non-traditional Art Quilt                                         (Check all that apply)

(     )   Wall-hangings/ Traditional construction                 Machine Pieced (  )                Hand Pieced (  )

                                                                                                Machine Quilted (  )              Hand Quilted  (  )          

                                                                                                Machine Appliqued (  )         Hand Appliqued  (  )

Please make copies of this form for each quilt that you plan to enter, understanding that by entering a quilt you promise to show it!  No last minute substitutions.   You are responsible for insuring your own entry, as Country Patchwork Quilt Guild will take every precaution to secure the safety of the quilts, but is not responsible for loss or damage.    Quilts must be at the Martin Community Center by 9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 25, 2015 and must be picked up at 5:30 p.m. Sunday Sept. 27.

Owner’s Signature                                                                                                                     Date                                                     .

Please complete the entries and bring them to the July Guild meeting or mail them to N.J. Ferguson, 1644 Colby Ave. Marshall, MO 65340  no later than July 21.


CPQG Sponsor _________________________________________________Phone____________________

Quilt Name/Pattern/Primary color_________________________________Quilt Dimensions_____X_____