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Country Patchwork Quilt Guild

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January 2015

Volume 26  Issue 1



From the President—


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Now that it’s over it’s on to the New Year. Resolutions will be goals for the New Year or they will be broken the next day, which is your. As for me I don’t make any and therefore don’t have to worry about the. My plan is always to do more quilting in the New Year. Perhaps finishing some of those UFO’s… With January who knows what kind of weather we will have to deal with, it’s always a good time to quilt. Just you and your sewing machine or your quilt. Either way enjoy those shut-in days. If you have suggestions for the coming year please let me know. I have a few in mind and also some have been given to me. I’m always open to new ideas. We will have a board meeting at 10 am guild meeting day. Old and new officers are urged to attend, that includes chairmen of committees: Newsletter, Librarian, Historian etc. You know who you are. We will be setting-up the “Budget” for the coming year.  Our program is with Jeanita Hueffmeier. I understand she does a nice job, so plan to attend.




November Friendship Block—Marlyn M


I’ve been in the Guild for several years. I enjoy the friendship, workshops and seeing others’ quilts. Married to Melvin Martin for 57 years in March. We have 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.  Sewn all my life so to speak. I owned a fabric store when quilting began to come back in the 1980’s. Also had classes etc. I just enjoy sewing. Quilt blocks are easier to sew than trying to fit “bodies”.  I’ve worked with Norma Jeane on charity quilts which I enjoy. Also organizing the quilts for the First Baptist Church in Carrollton. I also enjoy gardening. Flowers as well as vegetables. I grew up on the farm, so working the soil comes naturally for me. My quilt will be Starburst in red, white, and blue. Thank you for taking a block.





Remember--If Marshall Schools are closed for bad weather on our scheduled meeting day, the meeting is cancelled.



Happy New Year!  Since we are not hand quilting the raffle quilt, we still wanted to get together and quilt.  We are going to hand quilt one of the charity quilts.  We will get together before the January meeting about 10:00 and baste the quilt.  We will try to get it in the frame that day or the next Thursday morning and start quilting.  We will plan to quilt Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 3, or whenever people can come.  If you like to quilt, want to learn, or practice to get better, this is your chance.  We have carry-in lunches, and it is a fun way to get together on cold winter days.  Bobby Jo is gracious enough to have us into her lovely home.  You should make it a point to join us. 






The January program will be presented by Jeanita Hueffmeier on pre-cuts.  Jeanita is doing the program for free but, of course, hopes to sell some of her pre-cuts.  She will be talking about charms, layer cakes, etc. and how to use them in conjunction with our scraps and will have quilts and patterns that utilize pre-cuts.


In February, the program will be by Gina Hare (Stitch by Stitch Quilt Guild).  She will be doing a program entitled "Cutt'n Free Style" and will be a demonstration and workshop if you will to bring materials but during the regular program slot.  More details will be provided later.


Also, I need your PHOTOS.  Every time I ask someone who has not provided them yet, I hear "not yet" "I need to straighten up", etc.  I will be doing this program in April and will need photos no later than March. Remember if your sewing room is clean and orderly, you are not doing any sewing - send photos anyway.  It is not as if all of us cannot relate.  



Treasurer’s Report—

(See emailed newsletter for financial information.)

Beth C, Treasurer



Board Meeting—


January 13 at 10am. All last year officers and new officers and committee chairmen should attend this meeting. We will be setting-up the budget for the year.




January Birthdays—

12-Jan              Mary Vale J

16-Jan              Kathryn J

30-Jan              Linda C



January Hostesses—

CPQG Officers



11November 2014 Meeting Minutes


President Janet E opened the meeting.

Motion to approve the minutes and treasurer report was made second motion passed.

Dorothy R added a new book to the Library “America Glorious Quilts” from Grace Bock.

Mary Vale J was in a car accident. Anita C thanked everyone for their cards and prayers.

Charity finished 1 quilt of valor and another is almost finished. Christie will quilt the finished one. Norma Jeane received $250.00 from Walmart and spent it on red, cream, and blue material for the quilts of valor. If you would like to use some contact Norm Jeane, she will also bring a star pattern in Dec. that can be used for a quilt of valor. The guild will be hand quilting a charity quilt at Bobbie Jo’s starting in January or February.

Motion to reimburse Norma Jeane for the $250.00 she spent on the material since the check from Walmart had to go into the checking account first, it was second motion passed.

Bobbie Jo handed out the raffle tickets.

Dues are due by December 31, 2014, they are $25.00.

Amanda has quilt bags for sale $5.00 each.  Cookbooks are still for sale if you want one contact Marty. The Christmas potluck luncheon is December 9, 2014, at 12.00, bring a toy, food or cash $10.00 minimum instead of a gift exchange.

Door Prizes were drawn.

Friendship blocks were handed out by Gayle H, Marlyn M was drawn for December. Christy and Bobbie Jo collected their blocks.

Dixie N inducted the new officers:

President-Maryln M … Vice President-Bobbie Jo Pa …Secretary-Donna R…Treasurer-Charlene G

2015 Refreshment List was passed around. Show-n-Tell was presented. Lavonne did a quick demonstration on making a hexagon out of a circle.

Program was presented by Lynn Doyle of Bloomin’ Minds from Council Bluffs, Iowa, she likes fast, easy and quick gratification with her projects.

Meeting adjourned. Refreshments were served.


Donna R, Secretary ProTem




11November 2014 Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order with Janet E, Marlyn M, Beth C, Bobbie Jo P, Donna R, Norma Jeane F, and Kathy C present.

Received information from Fons & Porter concerning subscriptions we can receive a discount on new or

re-newed subscriptions, looking into more information.

Was brought up that everyone pay their $30.00 for their envelope of 36 tickets then sell to people and come back to buy more to sell and if you don’t want to sell your tickets please return them or pay $30.00 for your 36 tickets.  Bobbie Jo will keep track of tickets so return your money or unsold tickets to her.

Discussion of new categories for viewer’s judging of quilts at the quilt show will be discussed by the Quilt Show Committee

Meeting adjourned.


Donna R, Secretary ProTem



9 December 2014 Meeting Minutes


President Janet E opened the meeting after a delicious pot luck lunch.

Shirley G showed the 2 pillows she made to go with the raffle quilt. Show-n-tell was presented.

Marlyn M presented Janet with her President’s quilt top made by the members of the guild.

There will be a Board meeting next month at 10:00 am with old and new officers to work on the Budget for 2015. Items for the newsletter need to be to Paula S by the 25th of the month. Officers will be responsible for refreshments for January 2015.

The program for January will presented by Jeanita Hueffmeier, on pre-cut fabric, she doesn’t charge for the program but depends on sales at the meeting.

Friendship blocks, Marlyn handed out hers and Gayle collected her blocks.

Kathy C will do the audit.

Norma Jeane handed out patterns to use for the quilt of valor, please make one and return it to her.

Janet thanked everyone for their donations to the Toys 4 Tots, which will go to Boonville, and the food items will go to the Lighthouse Shelter in Marshall. She also thanked everyone who helped set up the food for the luncheon and did cleanup.


Donna R, Secretary



Recipe for Cleaning Vintage Linens:

1 scoop of Oxi-Clean

1 scoop of Biz Detergent-use the Oxi-clean scoop

Soak in one gallon of hot water for up to 48 hours. (If the fabrics contain old blue (not navy) watch carefully as it has a tendency to run. I change my water after about 30 minutes, and then soak again as needed.)Rinse well....Use 1 cup white vinegar to 1 gallon of water to rinse out soap residue after copious rinsing. Wash in washer on gentle/hand wash cycle using a mild detergent. Rinse well. Line or flat dry, or dry in the sun. Press with iron if needed.




All articles for the newsletter can be submitted as soon as possible or at least be submitted by the 25th to:   Paula S






January 13                   CPQG Board Meeting, 10 am; Monthly meeting 1 pm, Cumberland Presbyterian Church,

1000 S Miami, Marshall, MO.


February 13-14            Calico Cut-Ups 26th Annual Quilt Show, Salvation Army Community Center, 14700

                                    E. Truman Rd, Independence, MO. Friday and Saturday 10-4 pm. Free Admission


March 21                     Quilting Among Friends Quilt Show, 9-4:00 p.m. First Christian Church, 101 E. Gay St.

Warrensburg, MO




Country Patchwork Quilt Guild

Paula S, Editor







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