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February 2015
Volume 26 Issue 2


From the President

Can't believe Feb. is almost here. The weather has been too nice for this time of the year. I would rather have winter now and spring later. Hope this finds everyone well and getting lots of quilting done. The ladies met again to work on the quilts of valor this past week. We finished 2 more and they are ready for quilting. Just maybe one is already done. Just a reminder that we are quilting every Tues. & Thurs. at Bobbi Jo's. Pot-luck lunch. Come and join the fun and fellowship around the quilt frame. Also remember to be working on your challenge. Hope we have good participation again this year. Remember those address labels if you are going to order Love of Quilting magazine thru the guild. They keep mistakes at a minimum. Happy Quilting, Marlyn


Gina Hare will be doing our program for February. The program/workshop will begin after meeting and Gina is willing to stay late if you want. You can either observe or bring machine and materials and work on project. Cuttin’ Freestyle! Here is an opportunity for you to possibly step a bit out of your comfort zone and try something less controlled, more free-wheeling and very forgiving! Things to bring:
· One layer cake or at least thirty-six 10” squares is enough to make a 45” square quilt top. Select fabrics/colors that coordinate in a way that you find pleasing. Fun brights are a great choice, but many other styles of fabric can also be good.
· Sewing machine and supplies
· A good, sharp rotary cutter and small cutting mat (at least 12” square)
· 8” square or larger acrylic ruler
We will learn a technique to create two different curved blocks, plus explore different setting possibilities. Looking forward to seeing you there! Karen

January Friendship Block—Marty W

My mother and grandma were both quilters. I always thought that I would just be a seamstress sewing for myself and others. But the bug hit me after I retired from teaching school. I really got inspired in quilt piecing after I retired from catering and baking.
If asked what I enjoy doing best about quilting is paper piecing, doing miniatures and of course doing new techniques of piecing and using different rulers. It is always rewarding to see your finished top. My mother always hand quilted which I love, but I am going to have to switch over to long-arm quilting. Too many tops finished and you know the rest of the story.
I want to thank you for helping by making a quilt block for me. It is called Wonky Star. Easy instructions will follow and there is NO special ruler to buy.
I hope you will take a packet and be able to say that I made a Wonky Star.



President Marlyn M opened the meeting and the Budget was discussed. For Door Prizes we are asking that if you have items you no longer want or use consider donating them for the door prize we just ask they be in good condition and something you would want to win if you didn’t already have one. It was suggested that door prizes be limited to about 4 prizes per meeting.
No Old Business
New Business
Karen suggested that Michael’s memorial money be earmarked for an International Teacher and that Betty P’s memorial money could also be used for this. A motion to establish a separate savings account for Memorial money be started and held separate from other funds was second and passed.
Items are to be submitted to the Newsletter by the 25th of each month. Mary Pat asked that you please stand still for a few minutes so she can take a good picture.
A question was asked to clarify the Executive and General Boards. The Executive Board is the officers and the General Board is the Officers and the Committee chairman and all have a vote at the Board Meeting.
Charity received material from Appletree Quilt Store. If you need batting for a charity or Quilt of Valor quilt, please ask Norma Jeane or Marlyn, we have some to share.
Quilt Show- Betty L is in charge of Tourism working with the Chamber of Commerce, which helps pay for our advertising cost. They will pay for advertising in areas that are 50 miles or farther away from Marshall, they also pay for the printing of the tri-folds.
Greeter- if you bring a guest please make sure they sign our guest book and let Rita know so she can introduce them at the beginning of the meeting.
Motion to correct the Board Meeting minutes for September 2014, that they should reflect the fact dues was raised from $20.00 to $25.00, second, motion passed.
Meeting adjourned. Respectfully, Donna R, Secretary


Meeting was called to order by President Marlyn M.
Motion was made to approve the Minutes as they appeared in the Newsletter was second, motion passed, Motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s report as appeared in the Newsletter was second, motion passed.
If you have an e-mail and receive your newsletter by mail please consider canceling that option and if you can’t print it off the computer for whatever reason please read it and contact Paula so she can bring you a printed copy to the meeting. She will only bring printed copies to those people that ask for one. If you have an item that you want to appear in the newsletter please have it to Paula ASAP or by the 25th of each month.
Sunshine-Donna B husband is not doing well keep them in your prayers.
Historian-Mary Pat asks that you stand still and wait for your picture to be taken.
Charity- they received a box of fabric from Appletree, large pieces that can be used for backing. Betty E sent some Americana fabric to be given to whoever wanted it, a card to say thank you if you took some would be thoughtful. Quilts for Charity should be 45 x 60. Karen donated some quilt tops that need to be quilted, she also has some batting to be used for charity quilts, just get it from her. We will be hand quilting a charity quilt at Bobbie Jo’s house starting Tuesday January 20, lunch will be potluck.
Hospitality-when you see items getting low that we use for refreshments please let Gayle know so she can restock.
Friendship Block-Marty W.
Door Prize-if you have items you no longer need or want please consider donating them for a door prize, make sure it is something you would want to win. Winners today were Suann C, Elsie L, Dorothy R and Mary Pat W.
Quilt Show-Norma Jeane, Beth and Karen will be starting to work on the tri-folds. Betty L is working on Tourism, Bobbie Jo is handling the raffle tickets if you sell some turn the ticket stub and money in to her first, and if you need more see her.
Old Business
Fons and Porter are offering a discount on their magazine for new or renewal subscriptions for $15.00 or $20.00 per subscription see Charlene to pay and sign up. A motion to charge $15.00 per subscription was second and motion passed.
Program was canceled as Jeanita Hueffmeier just found out she has a serious heart problem and could not make it, so our program will be presented by Lavonne B, Karen G, Marlyn M, Suann C and Dorothy R.
Show-n-Tell was presented.
Meeting was adjourned and Refreshment served.
See emailed newsletter for corrections to the new membership book of members’ personal information. Donna R, Secretary


I received a thank you note from the staff at the Cancer Center for the ten quilts I delivered to them last week. Thanks to all the members who have helped make them over the years. If you are interested in making a throw size comfort quilt and need fabric, see Marlyn M or me on meeting days. If you do machine quilting and would like to donate your time to quilt one (or more) let us know.
Lavonne B, Christy W, Donna R, and I are meeting at Marlyn M's on the 20th to continue work on Quilts of Valor. I collected enough new blocks at the last meeting to make one more quilt. Thanks to all who contributed blocks. Norma Jeane

Quilt Show 2015:

Thanks to Karen G's computer savvy, the brochures are almost finished. Thanks to Betty L the Tourism Grant is being taken care of.
Now the rest of us have some work to do! We all need to sell tickets. Sell or buy the ones in your envelope at least.
Remember the Guild Challenge! Make a quilted piece with theme "Celebrate America, Sweet Land of Liberty” with perimeter no larger than 100 inches. Finished and turned in to NJ by August 11. Last year's Challenge was a great success! You showed you could do it and the public loved it.
Contribute items to the Bazaar that show the talent and creativity I know the Guild's members have. Nice UFO's that you know you will never finish. Anything you contribute, you price. If it doesn't sell, you get it back. We will NOT be selling bulk magazines this year. We would rather have larger, higher quality items that will sell well. We need someone to collect items for the Bazaar. Beth and I will assist in the set-up but the person "in charge" should have an inventory before the show so plans can be made to accommodate the various items.
Contribute items for the Silent Auction. Show and share your talent. Give your finished items to Rita M or Amanda M. Get involved! Become an active member! Happy Quilting, Norma Jeane

Treasurer’s Report—January

See emailed newsletter for financial information.
Charlene Gibson

Proposed 2015 Budget – see emailed newsletter for financial information.

February Birthdays

Charlene G     13th
Janet E            28th

February Hostesses

Kathy C
Linda C
Beth C


44th Annual Kalona Quilt Show and Sale 2015 Thurs. April 23 Evening Only 5 pm- 8 pm
Fri. April 24 9 am - 7 pm Sat. April 25 9 am - 5 pmAdmission $5.00 (only pay once, good for all three days!)
Located in the Kalona Community Center, on the corner of 6th & D. Ave. in Kalona, IA. Over 300 New and Antique Hand Quilted quilts will be on display and for sale. Many are Amish - Mennonite made. For info call Katie at the Woodin Wheel 319-656-2240 or email Website:

Feb 10 CPQG Monthly meeting 1 pm, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1000 S Miami, Marshall, MO.
Following the meeting will be Program/Workshop with Gina Hare.

Mar 16-29 Ida Stover Eisenhower Memorial Quilt Show, 412 S Campbell, Abilene, KS. M-F 9-4; Sat 10-5; Sun 1-5 Admission $4

Mar 21-22 Thimble and Thread Quilt Guild Quilt Show, Ballwin, MO. Sat 10-5; Sun 11-4.



CPQG Newsletter
Paula , Editor



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