Country Notes

Volume 19 Issue 10

May 2008


Country Patchwork Quilt  Guild

PO Box 365  Marshall, MO 65340

From the President—


Hi everyone,

At least it is not snowing, and the daffodils and tulips and hyacinths are pretty, but it could warm up a little.  Good news is Donna B is home and ready to win a door prize.
Big item for next meeting, we will be going over the BY-LAWS amendments. Because there are so many we will have to go over each one separately, discuss it, and then vote. SO PLEASE READ THEM AND BRING YOUR NEWSLETTER WITH YOU SO YOU WILL KNOW WHICH ONES WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AND VOTING ON AT THE TIME.
Next big item will be election of new officers. If you would still like to run for an office, just let Lavonne or Janie know.
There will be no Board Meeting in May, but there will be in June because the books for the year will be closed, and we will be able to do the 2008-2009 budget.  The next newsletter after this one will be the end of June just before the July meeting.
Hope to see everybody at the workshop Tuesday morning before the meeting, which will be short as possible so we can finish working on the charity items. Stay warm, dry, and enjoy the weather. In about 4-6 weeks we will be complaining about the heat and humidity (although that is another good reason to stay inside and quilt).






Throughout this newsletter is information that is critical to next month’s meeting. Each member needs to read the newsletter so that he/she will come prepared with supplies, food, information, and/or money required for the meeting. It will be a busy day, and your efforts to help make it run efficiently are greatly appreciated! Thanks.





I’ve lived in Marshall all my life.  I have four children—Jerry of Columbia has Kempf Construction, daughter Pam W is secretary at St. Peter’s Church and husband Rick, son Dan K and wife Barb live in King City, CA, and Greg and Jayne K. Greg teaches Building Trades at the Career Center. I have 14 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. I have enjoyed the Quilt Guild and the friendships. Everyone is so thoughtful, caring, and willing to share his/her knowledge and skills.

I’m thinking appliqué. Thank you.




Some of you have gotten your raffle tickets. The rest of you should get them soon. Buying or selling them is one of the easiest things you can do to help your Guild. This can equal half of our ticket sales. If you don’t sell all of them, please turn them back in so we can sell them. It would be great if you could work at one of the events we take the quilt to. The next one will be the spring garden show at Arrow Rock on May 10.

We have gotten volunteers to chair or help on most of the committees, but they all need your help. If everyone would make just two bazaar items, it will be successful. We need fat quarters for the basket and miniature quilts and other items for the silent auction. It is such fun to see the wonderful variety of items the members make for the quilt show. Thank you for your great efforts.

If you have any questions or need ideas or patterns, see Kathy C of Betty L.





The community sew-a-thon is in the planning stage. It is scheduled for June 10 (the second Tuesday of the month) from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Bloomfield’s Family Restaurant meeting room. Bloomfield’s is letting us use the facility for FREE. Holding the sew-a-thon at Bloomfield’s eliminates having to cater or carry in a meal. Instead, we can patronize Bloomfield’s to show our appreciation.

Norma Jeane will have further details later, but everyone should mark 6/10 on their calendars. One doesn’t have to stay all day! Both the Early Birds and the Hootie Birds can be accommodated. The goal is 61 small quilts. If you have any questions, please contact Norma Jeane F.





March 11, 2008


The following was omitted from the minutes of March 11, 2008:


Show and Tell

Donna B, floral stack/whack and a churn dash friendship block in blues and white; Eileen H, friendship Constellation; Janie C, two Amish "plain" crib quilts; Kathryn J, appliquéd pillow cases; Millie M, floral with twisted ribbon; Dixie N, Federated Garden Club appliquéd quilt to commemorate 75 years. It was quilted by Penny R. Linda C, mini snowman wallhanging for the bazaar; Donna R, blue friendship quilt and a fall color star quilt.





April 8, 2008


President Donna R called the meeting to order, then introduced guests Lucy G from Odessa, Joann H from Raytown, and Betty J. The minutes of the March 11 meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.

Secretary Norma Jeane F stated that the March 11 Show and Tell info would be printed in the April newsletter.

Treasurer’s report was approved as printed. Paula S stated that the bills for the workshop had been paid. Members are reminded to pay dues of $20.

Committee Reports:

1st VP Lavonne B announced that the president’s quilt is particularly small this year and is finished, ready for presentation. (Humor here!)

2nd VP Betty L, program chair, had Marlyn M describe the program for May. On May 13 beginning at 9 a.m. the Guild will have a workday to work on charity projects. Members should bring machines, extension cords, and the usual sewing/quilting supplies, including rotary cutters and mats. Marlyn and the other charity committee member, Norma Jeane F, will have plans and fabric. Meat/cheese/cracker trays and drinks will be provided for the lunch. Members are asked to contribute salads.

Program 2008-09 Michael M stated that the programs "will be good!"

Librarian Mary Vale J will be ordering 2009 engagement calendars. Let her know if you would like to purchase one. Also, let her know of a book you would recommend.

Charity Marlyn M and Norma Jeane F reminded the Guild of the upcoming workday. They stated that they met with Donna R, Michael M, Karen G, and Micki U and looked over the many bolts of fabric that had been donated to the Guild. They matched fabrics and bundled cut yardage that members could then take to make small (approximately 45 by 60) quilts to be used by patients undergoing treatments at the (future) cancer center. Plans are being discussed to have a community/area wide Sew-a-thon to make more quilts for that purpose. Micki, Michael, and NJ had sample quilt tops that they had made, stressing the simplicity of each design.

Sunshine In the absence of Joyce K, Donna R said that cards had been sent to Darlene L whose son died and Evelyn P whose husband died. Members were told that Mary Pat W had surgery, Sarah D was improving from pneumonia, Millie M’s son had an accident involving losing part of his hand, and Rita M is scheduled for back surgery on April 17.

Friendship Betty Sue S’s blocks were collected, Alice B passed out her bear paws kits, and Betty E’ name was drawn as 1st and Millie M's name was drawn as an alternate.

Door prize Dorothy R had sewing tools for Alice B and fabric for Betty P and Dorothy G.

Greeter Dorothy G returned after a lengthy absence and collected a total of 50 cents from members without name tags.

2008 Quilt Show Betty L and Kathy C had raffle tickets for members to sell.

New Business Lavonne B read the list 2008-09 officers that will be voted on in May.

Donna R stated that the suggested amendments to the by-laws will be printed in the May newsletter.

Board meeting will be Tuesday, April 15, at the YMCA.

Show and Tell Paula S, pin cushions and miniature wall hanging for the quilt show; Katherine S, Suann’s anniversary quilt which is an Eleanor Burns grand-mother’s garden flower basket; Kathryn J, gold/navy blue sampler from Barb B’s book; Lavonne B displayed a calendar with quilts by Klonda Holt (last month’s guest) and Jane Kennedy (today’s guest artist); Sarah D a Southwest table runner and two baby quilts in Hugs and Kisses pattern; Ruth Ann T, Easter bunny wall hanging; and Mary J, net bag carry call and pillow stow away.

Meeting was adjourned. Betty L introduced Jane Kennedy who displayed her award winning quilts.


Respectfully submitted,

Norma Jeane F, Secretary




April 15, 2008


Held at the Marshall YMCA 9 a.m. Those present were Donna R, Lavonne B, Paula S, Norma Jeane F, Betty L, Kathy C, Linda C, Micki U, and Michael M.

President Donna R called the meeting to order. The minutes of the March meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter. The treasurer’s report was approved as printed in the newsletter.

Treasurer Paula S stated that dues must be paid in order for the member to be included in the membership book. She presented a written financial report for the period 3/19/2008 through 4/15/2008.

2nd VP Betty L , 2007-08 Program Chair, gave the president a summary of the year’s programs with the financial statement "under budget."

2008-09 Program Chair, Michael M stated that all programs had been booked and were under budget.

Charity Norma Jeane F stated that the May meeting would be a charity work- day beginning at 9 a.m. Details will be printed in the newsletter. Michael M added that the evening guild would be willing to work together on a "sew-a-thon" in the summer.

Sunshine The Board voted to give a monetary amount of $25 to members and immediate family (spouse and children) as memorials. Sunshine chair and president will work together to give an appropriate gift per situation. The Board remembered Rita M who will be having surgery and Millie M whose son is recovering from a hand injury.

Hospitality Anita C sent word to the Board that the Guild needed coffee.

Quilt Show 2008 Betty L and Kathy C announced that four of six vendors have sent deposits. Raffle ticket money should be given to Paula S. Ticket stubs should be given to Betty. A request was made to attempt to get the same numbered spot at Santa Fe Trails Day where the raffle quilt was displayed. The Guild hopes to borrow a tent from Alden Elsea to use that day.

Other Business

*The Board voted to give $50 to Micki U to reimburse her for the use of her home and supplies for quilting throughout the year.

*Betty L and Kathy C reported they attended the Heartland meeting April 5. They said it was a "worthwhile meeting" and they sold $55 in raffle tickets. Heartland requested a contact person in the Guild and were given the president’s mailing address and the Guild’s e-mail address. Heartland is on a "tight budget" with dues going up $5. A motion was made to donate $100 to Heartland since they do provide an important service. The Board voted to donate the $100.

*Also discussed was the service pbs programming contributes to quilters. The Board voted to donate $100 to pbs whenever quilt shows get the support and credit. Members are asked to let the current treasurer know when the fundraising drive is broadcast.

*After June 1 the treasurer will give the books to Amanda M to audit.

*Next Board meeting will be June 17. No newsletter the end of May. Next newsletter will be end of June.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to the "Suggested Amendments to By-laws" as presented and printed by President R. All items will be discussed and voted on by the Guild members at the May meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Norma Jeane F, Secretary





Article VII

The elected Officers shall make up the Executive Board.

Program Chairman (1st year)

Plan and secure all guest speakers for the next Guild year working within the budget allowed.

May arrange and secure up to three contracted workshops with guest artist for the next Guild year. Any contracted workshop exceeding $300 shall be approved by the Executive Board prior to signing contract.


Type the Program Book for the annual Quilt Show and print off descriptions to hang on the quilts in a large font.

Web-Site Director

Renew the webpage annually in October and insure it is paid. (


Review books annually and make recommendation to Executive Board for disposition.

Article IV

All proposals to change the amount of annual membership dues are to be made at a regular monthly Guild meeting and voted on at the next regular monthly Guild meeting by ballot.

Article XI (New Article)

CPQG Quilt Show—Any change in the location, date, or times of the annual Quilt Show must be approved in advance of the scheduled show by the Executive Board.


New Amendments or Proposals

All proposals regarding fundraising events for the Guild are to be voted on by the members at the regular monthly Guild meeting.

All proposals regarding spending of Guild money over $150 will be voted on by the members at the regular monthly Guild meeting by ballot.

All proposals to change the amount paid by members to attend workshops are to be voted on by the members at the regular monthly Guild meeting prior to workshops by ballot.







Program: We will have a workshop on May 13 starting at 9 a.m. and will be making two baby quilts for the 1st Baby of the Year. This quilt will be made of 2" squares sewn into 9 patches—all scrappy!! Also, you can include some single squares to be used in making the connecting snowball blocks. It will take several blocks for two quilts. Bring or mail as many blocks as you would like to. Make sure we have the blocks by May 13 if you are unable to attend and help construct the quilts.


We are also going to participate in the Quilts of Valor Program. We gave a quilt to a local Marshall girl. Before knowing about her, we decided to make and give one to a veteran from Hallsville that had lost his leg in Iraq. He has been in Washington, D.C., in the hospital. We distributed packets with blocks for you to help with this project at the April meeting. If you constructed one of these blocks, please be sure to get it to the meeting in May so that we can assemble the quilt top. If anyone else knows of someone injured in Iraq, please let Norma Jeane or Marlyn know.

Other supplies needed to be brought to the church for the May meeting workday are sewing machines, extensions cords, and sewing/quilting supplies including rotary cutters and mats.

We will start setting up for the workshop at 8:30 a.m. and, as stated in the minutes, meat/cheese/cracker trays and drinks will be provided for lunch. Members are asked to contribute salads.

Marlyn & Norma Jeane





Dixie N   1

Katherine S   21

Janie C   27





Mary J   3

Rita M    10

Gayle S     24

Marilyn S     27

Carol G     28

Betty Sue S     28


May Hostesses


Marcia B

Marlyn M

Marcella P

Betty S

Mary J



Help Needed:


Volunteers are needed to display the raffle quilt and sell tickets in Arrow Rock on May 10. See Kathy C or Betty L if you are available.





Sixteen of 58 members paid dues for the 2008-09 fiscal year at the April meeting. Dues need to be paid in May in order for a member to be included in the membership book. The information in the book is important and essential for the operation of the Guild. See Paula Smith, treasurer, at the May meeting or mail her your dues. Thanks.


Machine Quilting:


 Contact Michael Marsh for the names of two individuals who are available to do machine quilting.




Barn Quilts of Greene County, IA For more information or to arrange a guided group tour, contact Barn Quilts of Greene County Committee at 515-386-5488.

December 7, 2007-June 1, 2008 Missouri Made Quilts, 1850-1940 St. Louis Art Museum St. Louis, MO

March 2-May 26 Quilts in a Material World: Selections from the Winterthur Collection

St. Louis Art Museum St. Louis, MO

May 14-17 Machine Quilters Showcase TROPICAL TREASURES Overland Park Convention Center Overland Park, KS

May 30-31 Southern Iowa’s 13th Biennial Quilt Show "JOURNEY THRU QUILTLAND" Shaw Performing Arts Center-Graceland University Lamoni, IA

June 7 Missouri Baptist Children’s Home 2008 STRAWBERRY FIELDS QUILT SHOW 11300 St. Charles Rock Road Bridgeton, MO

June 13-14 Northland Needlers 26th Annual Quilt Show "EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE" Gashland Presbyterian Church 8029 North Oak Trafficway Gladstone, MO

June 14-August 31 Town & Country Quilters ART QUILT CHALLENGE George A. Spiva Center for the Arts Third & Wall Joplin, MO

June 20-22 Prairie Quilt Guild Quilt Show COMMON THREADS 2008 Century II Bob Brown Expo Hall 225 W. Douglas Wichita, KS

July 25-27 International Quilt Festival/Long Beach Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center Long Beach, CA

August 7-17 Missouri State Fair Sedalia, MO

October 30-November 2 International Quilt Festival/Houston George R. Brown Convention Center Houston, TX

November 22-23 Booneslick Trail Quilters’ Guild 2008 QUILT SHOW Holiday Inn Expo Center 2200 I-70 Drive SW Columbia, MO



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