Country Notes

Volume 19 Issue 8

March 2008


Country Patchwork Quilt  Guild

PO Box 365  Marshall, MO 65340


From the President—


Hello Everybody,

Hope you are all doing well considering the cold, snow, rain, and sickness going around. Here, my son Travis has had tonsillitis and looks like he is just about over it.  It seems every time we want to go quilting the bad weather hits.  All the good food and fun quilting has made up for it.  The quilt is looking good.

Now all
OUR work will be necessary.  So start thinking of what you can make for the bazaar, what pattern you want to use for the miniature you will donate for the silent auction, and what job you would like to volunteer to do.  There are lots, but that is what makes our show and Guild so good.

Lavonne B has volunteered to be the officer on the nominating committee, and Janie C has volunteered to help.  So if you would like to be an officer, please contact one of them.

Next month is
SPRING.  So keep your chin up and warm and pretty soon instead of talking about the snow and how cold it is, we will be talking about the trees budding and our daffodils and tulips starting to come up.

Thank you for all your help and see you in March.




In the article “Folding Quilts on the Bias Against the Grain,” author Ann Fahl states that  folding fibers on an angle causes less crimping than folding them back on themselves.  This technique could preserve the integrity of the batting and the fabric. 

There are three steps in this process:  (1)  lay the quilt flat;  (2)  fold corners one at a time into the center of the quilt; and (3) continue to fold in the corners until the quilt will fit into its shipping or storage container.

Even though this folding technique might seem awkward at first, keep trying and you will master it.  You will immediately feel how the bias folds are softer and more pliable than folds along the grain.  Thanks for sharing this info Katye E.




February 12, 2008

President Donna R called the meeting to order.  January 8 minutes were approved as printed in the newsletter. Treasurer’s report was approved as printed.

Committee reports:

Programs.  It was announced that Micki U and Michael M had volunteered to plan  programs for 2008-09-10.  Michael stated that they had “fun stuff coming up.”    He announced that Juanita Yeager would be the program guest at the fall luncheon.

Website.  Suann C announced she has updated the Website and asked members to send information and photos that they want to post.

Charity.  Marlyn M announced that the Carroll County baby quilt went to Tanner B, the son of Troy and Renae B of Bogard.    The Guild voted to give a quilt to Bobbi B, a returning veteran with medical problems.  Norma Jeane F said she would make a label, put it on a quilt made by Mary T and quilted by Suann C, then deliver the quilt to the B home.

Sunshine.  Rita M is in Arizona undergoing testing at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.  Notes may be sent to her at 16501 N. El Mirage Rd, Sunflower Resort #176, Surprise, AZ  85374.  She is staying with relatives.

Friendship.  Betty Sue S was the winner of the friendship block drawing.

Door Prize. Dorothy R had fat quarters for winners Michael M, Donna R, and Ruth Ann T.

Quilt Show 2008.   Kathy C announced that quilters are needed for the raffle quilt and volunteers are needed for the show.

Nominating Committee.  Donna R stated that two members are needed to work with an officer to develop the slate of officers to be nominated.

Crazy Ladies.  Betty L said that the group is working on blocks for the silent auction and they plan to meet after the Board meeting.

Other Business.  The Board will meet at Micki U’s home at 9 a.m. Tuesday, February 19. Quilting will be done after the meeting.

Show and Tell.

Paula S, hand quilted friendship quilt; Kathryn J, hand quilted blue and white start/ribbon quilt;  Linda L, machine quilted “peppermint twist” in beige and green.  She also had the 2006 Quilters’ Harvest sampler quilt done in jewel tones.  Linda C displayed a Christmas table runner.  Betty Sue S had a “hot off the machine” small cat quilt and an original pattern of a larger cat done in wool.

The meeting was adjourned and Michael M then introduced the guest speaker, Mindy Smith of Harrisburg, who spoke on documenting quilts with detailed labels and keeping phots and diaries.  Her uplifting message to all quilters was to “expand your skills, learn a new pattern”  and to “cram all the goodness into this life that you can . . . teach your children.”

Respectfully submitted,

Norma Jeane F, Secretary.





February 19, 2008

Those members attending the meeting at Micki U’s home were Donna R, Norma Jeane F, Lavonne B, Kathy C, Paula S, Betty L, and Micki U.

President Donna R called the meeting to order. The minutes of the January Board meeting were approved as presented in the newsletter.  Treasurer, Paula S, gave the treasurer’s report.  After discussing moving some funds from checking to savings, it was decided to leave the money in the checking account for now.

Several announcements were made.  Lavonne B will be on the nominating committee.  Website director Suann C has worked to get information about the 2008 Quilt Show on the site.    Betty L told the Board that Connie Grisham of Columbia will give the Guild a 10 percent discount on any quilting for the Guild. 

Charity Committee--Norma Jeane F stated she had labeled the quilt for Bobbi B, a war veteran with medical problems, and would take it to her today. She also said that members could continue to make 9 patch 2” blocks to be used in future quilts.  

A quilt made by charter member Widgie L was the subject of discussion.  Volunteers are needed to hand quilt it, perhaps by passing it around and several people working on it. 

Quilt Show 2008 Betty L and Kathy C said they have contracts out for vendors with two returned to date.  The raffle quilt is being quilted at Micki’s home.  Both Betty and Kathy will be attending the Annual Heartland meeting April 5 to gather information about programs.

Future programs: 

In March Klonda Holt of Lee’s Summit will give a trunk show.  In April, Jane Kennedy will  demonstrate and teach her “trees,”  an art quilt technique.  A supply list will be given out in advance.

The Board voted to give Micki U $25 to defray the cost of the paper products she contributes for the Board and quilters working on the raffle quilt.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Norma Jeane F, Secretary



Klonda Holt of Lee’s Summit will give a trunk show at the March 11 meeting.


February Birthdays


Mary Pat W                 1

Betty L                         5

Dorothy G                   6

Betty E                          9

Alice B                       22

Elsie L                         22

Lynda L                       22

Gayle H                     24




Paula S

Anita C

Need some volunteers






March 8-April 12  Piece Corps Quilters Guild Quilt Show “Stories in the Stitches”  Wyeth-Tootle Mansion  1100 Charles Street  St. Joseph, MO


March 15-21  Hannibal Piecemakers Quilt Guild Exhibit KEEPSAKE QUILTING CHALLENGES  Mark Twain Museum  Hannibal, MO


March 28-29  Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild Annual Retreat  BASKETS OF FUN  Days Inn  Kirksville, MO


April 11-13  International Quilt Festival/Chicago  Donald E. Stephens Convention Center  Rosemont, IL


May 14-17  Machine Quilters Showcase TROPICAL TREASURES  Overland Park Convention Center  Overland Park, KS


June 14-August 31  Town & Country Quilters ART QUILT CHALLENGE  George A. Spiva Center for the Arts  Third & Wall  Joplin, MO


June 20-22  Prairie Quilt Guild Quilt Show COMMON THREADS 2008  Century II  Bob Brown Expo Hall  225 W. Douglas  Wichita, KS


July 25-27  International Quilt Festival/Long Beach  Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center  Long Beach, CA


October 30-November 2  International Quilt Festival/Houston  George R. Brown Convention Center  Houston, TX





                   Combine in large bowl:

                             2 cups regular rolled oats

                             1½ teaspoons baking powder

                             ½ teaspoon salt

                             1/3 cup chopped nuts

                             1/3 cup dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, etc.)


                   In another bowl, whisk together:

                             1½ cups milk

                             2 eggs

                             1/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar

                             2 tablespoons vegetable oil

                             1 teaspoon vanilla

                             ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon



                             ¼ cup applesauce (or an apple or pear, peeled and chopped)


Mix liquids with oat mixture.  Pour into a sprayed 8-inch square pan.  Bake at 325° until liquid is absorbed and top is light golden, about 45 minutes.  Cut into squares; serve warm in bowls with milk or cream.  Makes 4-6 servings.


This recipe was requested of and contributed by Lavonne B, who got it from an issue of “Country Register.”



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