Country Notes

Volume 19 Issue 5

November 2007


Country Patchwork Quilt  Guild

PO Box 365  Marshall, MO 65340


 From the President ----

Hi Everyone.


I feel great I’m on vacation (as of October 20).  Just think only about 46 weeks till the next Quilt Show.  It will be here before you know it.  Our Quilt Show chairmen are already working on it; and if we want another successful Quilt Show like 2007, we all need to start now.  Thank you to Marlyn, Marsella, and Lavonne for our little black bags.  They are really nice and you three are very thoughtful.  Also, a very big thank you to Kathy C. for cutting all those fat quarters—we really appreciate it.  I hope everyone enjoyed the luncheon and the entertainment.  I know I did.  See you November 13.  (If I don’t get lost on the way home, if I’m not there, just start without me, I’ll catch up later).








I have lived in and around Glasgow all of my life.  After high school, I worked at our local bank for 11 years, was secretary at our Catholic school for several years, and now work at our town’s library.


Melvin and I have been married for 45 years.  We were blessed with three children, Gina, John, and Susan.  Gina and her husband live in Keytesville and have three boys.  John and his wife, Denise, live close to us and have three children, two girls and a boy.  Susan and her husband, Tracey, live in Kansas City and have a boy and a girl.  That makes eight grandchildren.


I really became interested in quilting when I joined the guild.  I have learned so much by being a member.


My favorite projects have been my wall hangings and small table toppers, which I have everywhere in my home.


I haven’t decided for sure what my friendship block will be but have several in mind.  Thank all of you for your friendship and making a block for me.






We will be getting together November 13 from 10 a.m. till 12 p.m. at the church to brain storm on drawing up guidelines for the Quilt Show chairmen and committee since the ones they had have somehow gotten lost.  Everyone is invited to make their suggestions on how things should be done.  If for some reason you can’t get there that early, please call or e-mail me your thoughts and suggestions, and I will present them at the meeting.-- Donna 


Jo Morton of Nebraska City, Nebraska, will give a lecture and power point presentation on decorating with small quilts at the November 13 meeting.  The following day she will present an all day workshop on appliqué techniques.


Note from Donna—Please accept my apologies.  With everything going on, I was asked to raise the price of the workshop to $15 and was given some information, which made me think this was necessary.  Then, when I asked for some more information to verify the raising of the cost, I received information which meant I didn’t need to raise the price; but, at the time, I was thinking of several different things because we were at the luncheon.  But, when it finally registered, I realized I never should have raised the price.  So, the price has been lowered back to the $10 where it should have been all the time.  Those that have already prepaid at the luncheon will be refunded their $5 overcharge at the workshop Wednesday morning.  I am sorry for the confusion.  The lunch for the workshop will be a potluck.  The guild will provide the drinks and service.






October, 2007


The Country Patchwork Quilt Guild fall luncheon was held at the Redeemer Lutheran Church.  Lunch was served by the church women.  No formal meeting was held.  President Donna R. introduced guests and recognized the charter members who were in attendance.


Eileen H. won the friendship block drawing and Marlyn M. distributed her block directions.


Marlyn M. gave a general quilt show report saying all the financial figures were not in at this time.  She did report that the fat quarter winners were Rose K. of Marshall, Katherine S. of Armstrong, and Sharon L. of Hallsville.  The opportunity quilt winner was Jody L. of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.


Betty L. reminded members that the November 13 program would be Jo Morton giving a lecture and power point presentation on the subject of decorating with small quilts.  The November 14 workshop will begin at 9:30 and will cover appliqué techniques.  Cost for the workshop was originally $15 but was lowered to $10.


Before lunch was served Betty L. read a poem titled “I think God is a quilter,” author unknown.


The program was Cathy M., “The Singing Quilter,” and her husband, John B., who sang songs covering a wide range of topics including history, traditions, superstitions, hiding fabric, quilt lore, and superhuman achievements.


Respectfully submitted,

Norma Jeane F., Secretary






 October  16, 2007


President Donna R. called the meeting to order.  September minutes were approved as written.  Paula S. gave the Treasurer’s report and it was approved.  Current balance is $6408.87. The Board approved the professional security  and  voted to reimburse Marsella P. for the security expense she had previously paid.   The Board voted to continue to hire professional security personnel at future shows. The Board also voted to reimburse Melvin M. for his expenses incurred when making additional frames used in the show.


Committee Reports:

Program Chair:  Betty L.  announced that the church has been booked for the all day workshop November 14 beginning at 9:30 a.m.  Jo Morton  of Nebraska City will give a workshop on appliqué techniques.  At the regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 13, she will give a lecture and power point presentation on decorating with small quilts. Those attending the workshop will share a potluck lunch.  Drinks will be provided.

Charity:  Norma Jeane F. and Marlyn M. announced they have scheduled  work days in November to work on two baby quilts and a wall hanging for Habitat for Humanity.  Kathy C. has scheduled classes at the Y on Oct. 29 and Nov. 12.  Cost is $10 for YMCA members and $12 for nonmembers.

Quilt Show 2007:  The Show Committee thanked Linda C. for making the last minute labels for each quilt in the show when  they ran out of printed programs.  It was suggested the labels be used in the future shows.  Rita M. was thanked for her help with the Silent Auction.  Anita C. was thanked for her food services.  Norma Jeane F. was thanked for her work with the Bazaar. She declined reimbursement for her expenses.  The Bazaar brought in $2150.  Norma Jeane said she would write a letter to the Marshall Democrat News  editor thanking those individuals and organizations who gave services to the guild.


Donna R. stated that the Fat Quarter Basket brought in $317.50 .   If another Fat Quarter Basket drawing  is  held next year, it was agreed that the baskets would be included in the win.


Marlyn M. stated that $800 was brought in from vendors.  The Board  recommended sending a $100 refund to  Kalico Patch of St. Charles  because the vendor cancelled due to cancer related illness.


The Show  Committee  suggested that in the future rules need to be written so there is no question as to what is expected of members (number of quilts exhibited or sponsored, for example).


Rita M.   mentioned  and the Board discussed the lack of  involvement by many of the Guild members.   If any members have suggestions to remedy the situation, let a Board member know.


Micki U. stated a need to thank the grant group with a short presentation and Marlyn M. agreed to do so on October 18.


Quilt Show 2008;   Kathy C stated that the opportunity quilt is being planned.  She stated that there will be a meeting at 10 a.m. before the November meeting to address “guidelines.”  She stated a need for guidelines but not hard and true rules set in concrete.  The Board agreed “flexibility is needed,” but deadlines are also necessary.


New Business:  Micki U. stated  (1) a credit card number was needed for the Web page; (2) we need to update the membership list;  (3) the term “Executive Board/Committee”  needs clarification in the Guild handbook.   Rita M agreed to give a trunk show at the August 2008 meeting. 


Respectfully submitted,

Norma Jeane  F., Secretary






Dorothy R. was a grand prize winner in the Art, Craft, and Thread Show at the Concordia Fall Festival.  Her embroidered quilt also received the Best of Show award.


Paula S. was also a winner in the Art, Craft, and Thread Show at the Concordia Fall Festival.  She won in the Miscellaneous, other quilted items category.


Amanda M. fell at home and suffered a bruised tailbone, broken foot, and a gash in her scalp.  She was able to attend the luncheon (with the help of her daughter) and is recuperating at home.


I learned there were about 20 some guild members that never returned their tickets or money for the Raffle Quilt.—Donna





November Birthdays

Dorothy R       4

Valerie R         5

Eveleth H        7

Ella B               8

Suann C           10

Lois H             18

Paula S             25

Joyce K            26




October 14-January 13  Art of the Needle:  Masterpiece Quilts from the Shelburne Museum  Wichita Art Museum  Wichita, KS


October 21, 2007-October 6, 2008  Kansas Quilts from the Prairie Quilt Guild  Wichita Art Museum  Wichita, KS


October 25-27  Original Sewing & Quilt EXPO  KCI-Expo Center  Kansas City, MO


October 27  Free Quilt Symposium  Wichita Art Museum  Wichita, KS


November 9-10  Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas Quilt Study Group  Wichita, KS


November 14-18  Quilters, A Musical Play  The Center Theater  Wichita, KS




November Hostesses


Kathy C

Eileen H

Mary Vale J





Requested from Anita C


Stir together well:  1 c. packed brown sugar

                               1 c. white sugar

Stir together and add to sugar mixture:  2 c. flour

                                                                 1 t. soda

                                                                 ½ t. salt

Cut into above mixture:  1 stick butter or margarine

Remove ½ c. crumbled mixture and set aside

Combine and add to dry mixture:  1 c. buttermilk—a little more if too thick

                                                        ½ t. vanilla

                                                        1 egg slightly beaten

Stir together dry and wet ingredients, then use electric mixer.  Pour into sprayed 9 X 13 pan.

To reserved mixture, add:  ½ c. chopped nuts

                                            1 pkg. toffee bits

Mix well, then sprinkle over batter—do not stir this topping into cake.

Bake at 350° for 30-35 minutes or till tests done.  Cool a little, then Anita drizzled over top a mixture of powdered sugar and water.





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