Country Notes

Volume 19 Issue 1

July 2007


Country Patchwork Quilt  Guild

PO Box 365  Marshall, MO 65340


 From the President ----

Well Hello Everyone,


I know I should say thank you for electing me your president but sometimes I think I have gotten in over my head.  I think I finally couldn’t say no anymore and here I am.  But then after seeing Micki’s two president’s quilts she has received it might not be such a bad deal after all.  Just hope I can keep on top of things and keep the Guild going in the right direction. 


I have lived in Alma for 4 years now; my husband Bob and I have been married for 21 years.  We have 4 children between us—Yvonne 37, husband Craig and their children John and Ashton of Ketchum, OK; Wendy 27 of Columbia; Gary 31 of San Diego, CA; and Travis 20 back at home with us.


The coming year will be interesting and fun and I hope to enjoy it all with you.  Thank you.





Hi all.  Aren’t you glad to be rid of me?  Your new officers will be bringing new and fresh ideas to the Guild!  What an exciting time!

Thank you all for the support that I have received over the last two years.  And the quilt top that I received at the May meeting is beautiful.  I can hardly wait to start quilting it.  I am a few quilts behind but hope that this is my “catch up” year.

See you at the meetings!




Donna started quilting in 1998.  She kept buying raffle tickets and didn’t win anything.  So, she figured if she wanted a quilt, she better learn how to make one for herself.  Donna enjoyed most of the projects she has worked on but right now she seems to really enjoy hand appliqué projects.  She prefers hand piecing and quilting but because of her arthritis that is getting harder to do.  In addition to quilting, Donna enjoys counted cross stitch as well as flower and vegetable gardening.

Donna has lived in Alma now for four years.  She and her husband Bob have been married 21 years.  He has two daughters and they have two sons.  Their oldest grandson is graduating from high school this month and they have a 12- year-old granddaughter.

Donna does the Second Saturday at Quilters’ Harvest where she did the block “Kentucky Chain” last year which she really liked.  She seems to like a lot of contrast in her quilts so you can see the pattern very distinctly.




May 8, 2007

President Micki U called the meeting to order and welcomed our guests Marilyn K from Fayette, Mary J, and Lois H from Ashland and our speaker Raymond K. Houston from St. Louis.  April’s minutes as printed in the Newsletter were approved.  The treasurer reminded us that dues of $20 are due today.


2nd VP—Michael thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers for David G who passed away May 6, 2007.  The workshop will only be two hours because of David’s funeral Wednesday afternoon.  The workshop will be at the First Christian Church.  Since no one stepped up to take the program position, it will be handled by individuals for the year 2008-2009.  One person will take one month.  There will be seven programs needed.  The board will take care of the three required workshops.

PROGRAM—Betty announced that our July speaker will be Edie McGinnis of the Kansas City Star.  She is an editor and has dealt with the Kansas City Star Blocks.

WEBSITE—Suann reported that there is a website where you can go to catalog your quilting books.  It is  You can do 200 books for free and you can print your list.

LIBRARIAN—She has received some free books from AQS, which were given to her from Marcia B.

CHARITY—Quilting is being done on the rural theme cancer quilt.  There are four quilts in all and they will go to Fitzgibbon Hospital.

FRIENDSHIP—Marcia B thanked everyone for doing a block for her; Linda C collected hers; Paula S handed hers out; and Donna R was chosen for July.

GREETER—Collected 25 cents.

QUILT SHOW 2007—They sold $106 at Carrollton and $59 at the Senior Center Spring Fling.  The quilt will be at Arrow Rock on May 12 and at Alma on June 29 and 30.  Remember, your miniatures for the silent auction, fat quarters for the raffle fat quarter basket, and your items for the bazaar.  Betty and Kathy are working on the YMCA three programs for the coming year.  Will need vintage theme props.  Please wear white shirts and dark pants or skirts.

DOOR PRIZE—The door prize was won by Sarah D.

Crazy Ladies have a new member and are having a ball.

Show and Tell was presented.  A special presentation was from Suann C to Katherine S—a book AMERICAN PATCHWORK—TRUE STORIES OF QUILTERS by Sonja Hakala in which Suann has a published story.

ELECTIONS:  President—Donna R; 1st VP—Lavonne B; 2nd VP—Betty L; Secretary—Norma Jeane F; Treasurer—Paula S; Program Chairman--?.  Motion was made to elect the slate as offered; it was seconded; motion was passed.  Ex-president Micki U inducted the new officers.

The program was by Raymond K. Houston of St. Louis, MO.

On May 15 there will be a Quilt Show 2007 meeting at 9 a.m. and a board meeting at 10 a.m. at Micki’s house.


Donna R, Secretary




May 15, 2007

Meeting was called to order by President Donna R.

Board minutes were approved as printed.

Treasurer Amanda M asked that a final year-end report be presented at the next Board meeting on

June 19.  The various committees need to submit their budgets to her.  The newsletter will be delayed to accommodate this action but will still be following by-law guidelines.


Michael reported a need for three more programs for the 2008-2009 year.  He stated that each program is budgeted $200.  If a particular program requires more than that amount, the issue needs to be presented to the Board in advance for approval.

Lavonne thanked Michael and Amanda for assisting with the president’s quilt presented to Micki at last week’s meeting.  She also stated that the Crazy Ladies are planning a luncheon in Arrow Rock and a possible trip in June.


It was suggested by Michael that the board take over planning out of town trips rather than the program chair.  He and Betty L will continue as Program Advisors helping those members who willingly volunteered to host monthly programs.

The Board praised Paula S for her efforts with the door prizes each month.

The Guild Library was discussed.  Mary Vale J and Eileen H are working to clean up/out the shelves.  Rules for the Guild Library need to be made and will be discussed further at the July meeting.  Members need to return all borrowed books so that they may be organized and catalogued.

Board members will provide refreshments at the July meeting

The next Board meeting will be held at 10 a.m. at the YMCA.

Meeting was adjourned.


Norma Jeane F, Secretary



June 19, 2007

Meeting was called to order by President Donna R.  Board minutes from May 15 were approved as printed.  Treasurer Amanda M presented a Financial Statement for June 14, 2006 through June 11, 2007.  The Board developed a budget for 2007-2008 and it was approved.

The Guild Library was again the subject of discussion with no written rules being made.  Members need to return any books or magazines in a timely manner and limit the number of items checked out at one time.

The Board voted to donate $50 to Relay for Life after a discussion of the Guild’s status as a charitable organization.

The Board agreed that the wall hanging presently being made by the Crazy Ladies should be offered at the Silent Auction rather than the Gift Gallery at September’s show.

It was announced that the new membership cards have been printed and that work is being done on the 2007-2008 Membership Handbook and Directory.

July’s regular meeting program will be given by Edie McGinnis, editor, author, and designer of the KANSAS CITY STAR BOOKS.  The church doors will open at 10 a.m.  The Board members will serve as hostesses. 

The next board meeting will be at 10 a.m. July 17 at the YMCA.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted.

Norma Jeane F





Edie McGinnis is an editor, author, and designer for the Kansas City Star Books.  She has written nine books to date and has worked on many others.

McGinnis will present two lectures in Marshall on July 10 at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  The afternoon lecture is scheduled for one o’clock for the Country Patchwork Quilters’ Guild, and the second lecture is scheduled for 6:30 that evening at the same location.  McGinnis will be here for lunch provided by CPQG and dinner provided by the evening Guild “Stitch by Stitch.”  She will have many of the KANSAS CITY STAR BOOKS with her for sale.




Donna wants to remind those who have not donated their one (at least) fat quarter for the fat quarter raffle basket for the Quilt Show 2007 that she will be collecting them in July.  This gives you a month to get one and a good excuse—not that you need one—to go visit a fabric shop and purchase at least one or more items.  Also, bring your miniatures for the Silent Auction and items for the Gift Gallery.  Be prepared to share ideas for any antique props that you may have for the show as well.




Michael will open the church at 10 a.m. on July 10 for those interested in information on how to go about doing a program or who want to do a program.  Michael and Betty L will be there with the Heartland information to help them get started.  It will also be open for those who want to do some work such as basting a quilt or whatever.

Donna will also be there to start working on the Library.  A reminder that if you have had a book out longer than two months, please return it.

Don’t forget your FATquarters.

A new feature will be included in the 2007-2008 year.  Items donated by Mary T will be priced and sold at the meetings.  More information will be presented at the July meeting.



Ruth  T.   Marshall, MO

Mary J.   Keytesville, MO

Mary Pat W. Glasgow, MO 




Keep these members in our thoughts:  Sarah D, Darlene L, Francis C’s family, Marlyn M, and Katye E.

Congratulations to Suann C for having a story published in AMERICAN PATCHWORK—TRUE STORIES FROM QUILTERS by Sonja Hakala.  Congratulations to Katherine S for being the main character in the story.



Loretta H    -  12  

Norma Jeane F  -  15

Marlyn M    -   24

Eileen H     -     13 

 Darlene L    -  18

Bea D     -   29





Hi girls,

I have a special prize for someone who brings fat quarters this time.  We can draw a name out of those who bring FQ this time.  I already have the basket and decorating items for it.  See you at the meeting.

As always,

Quiet, shy Gayle




September 21-23  3rd Annual Round Bobbin Everything Quilting and Sewing Expo 

St. Charles Convention Center  St. Charles, MO



20th Annual Quilt Show  Salt Fork YMCA  740 East Yerby  Marshall, MO


March 2-7 and March 9-14, 2008 Spring Quilting Seminars  T Bar M Resort  New Braunfels, TX


October 8-11, 2008  American Quilter’s Society Convention  Iowa Events Center  DesMoines, IA




The next meeting of the “Crazy Ladies” will be at 1 p.m. on July 17 (after our regular meeting) at Betty’s house.


Six members of this small group had a day in Overland Park, Kansas on June 12 going to a quilt shop, a thread shop, a recycle store, and then having a lesson in silk ribbon work after lunch.  We plan to visit this area again!!


Below is a photo of a small quilt we have made and donated to the Crazy Quilt Conference in Omaha.  It will be auctioned and the proceeds divided between the American Cancer Society and the conference to be used for scholarships.





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