Country Notes

Volume 18 Issue 9

April 2007


Country Patchwork Quilt  Guild

PO Box 365  Marshall, MO 65340


 From the President ----

Hi all!

Welcome to Missouri!  Just last month I wrote about the wind, the cold, and the snow.  Today the sun is shining, the grass is green.  Flowers are beginning to bloom.  My water garden is on the schedule today for a clean out.  I can’t wait!  I lost all but two of my fish over the winter.  And when I say “lost,” I mean, they are gone.  Just gone.  No dead bodies, no evidence of foul play except some tracks in the snow.  Just no fish.  Two years in a row this has happened.  Maybe next year, I’ll net it earlier.  My neighbor has already had a snake.  I can live without that . . .


I think we’re about ready to put one of the Cancer Center quilts in the frame for quilting.  I am going to set the “vintage” quilt and then begin quilting it.  If anybody is interested in working on it, let me know.


The slate of officers is ready to be announced at the next meeting.   Every position is filled except Program Chairman.  If you are interested in that position, please notify Amanda.  There have been many suggestions made, including sharing the position with a partner.  Consider it please.


The all day workday went really well.  We can be a productive bunch when we set out minds to it.  


Thank you Mary T. for the fabric and for sharing your story and pictures with us!


See you soon!





Friendshop Block - Linda C.


I can’t tell you how happy I was when my name was drawn for the friendship quilt in March.  Thanks, Micki!  Since I was born, reared, educated, and worked in Saline County, some of you know things about me that I don’t know.  For those who don’t, I am married to Terry who is from Minnesota—he has an aunt who has done a little of everything in quilting including owning a quilt shop, teaching classes, designing quilt patterns, making presentations at quilt functions as well as doing other handwork especially Scandinavian stitchery.  We have two children, Stacey who teaches first grade and David who is an estimator for APAC.  Stacey has two sons, Tyler who is a junior in high school and Ryan who is an eighth grader.


I attribute my mother, Betty P. who is a charter member of the guild, with getting me interested in quilting.  She was my first sewing teacher.  Watching her make quilts for each of us four daughters, eleven grandchildren for graduation, ten great-grandchildren when they were born (two more are ready for babies due in May), and others as well as doing the activities in the guild are probably the reasons I became a member of the guild after retiring from teaching.


The guild is one of my favorite activities.  I especially enjoy show and tell and the friendship quilt.  Each quilt I make is my favorite at the time.  My most recent quilt was a tee shirt quilt that my daughter insisted that I make from my grandsons’ tee shirts.  That was a project that I had no interest in to begin with but now that the first one is completed, I can’t wait to get started on the second grandson’s quilt.  In addition to quilting, I enjoy playing handbells, reading, walking, and attending as many of my grandsons’ activities as I can.


I have chosen a paper pieced block with three different tulip patterns.  Two of the blocks are seven inch and the other block is three inches.  Thank you for making a block!   





February 27, 2007


President Micki U. called a board meeting to discuss the fact that the Higginsville Quilt Guild Partners in Patchwork—PIP—had lost the building that they were using to hold their quilt show.  A motion was made to invite them to show their members’ quilts at our show with Donna R. sponsoring them since she is also a member of that guild.  It was seconded and passed.


Donna R., Secretary






March 13, 2007


President Micki U. opened the meeting and welcomed our guest Linda L. who has decided to become a member.


January minutes as printed in the newsletter were approved.  There was no treasurer’s report.



2ND VP—Michael M. reported that Barbara Crawford will do needle felting next month.

SUNSHINE—Rita M. will send cards to Karen and David G. and Grace B.

QUILT SHOW 2007—Norma Jeane F. is in charge of the Bazaar and Rita M. is in charge of the Silent Auction--all items must be 24” X 24” or smaller.  For the Quilt Show the committee asks that everyone wear white shirts and black pants or skirts.

FRIENDSHIP BLOCK—Kathryn J. showed her quilt top; Katherine S. collected her blocks; and Marlyn M. handed out Marcia B’s.  Linda C. was chosen for March.  Katherine asked that if you still have an unfinished block from someone, please contact them and make arrangements with them.  If you had blocks made for you and have not turned in your sign- up sheet, please turn it into Katherine.

DOOR PRIZE—Paula S. won.


Crazy Ladies will meet March 20 at Mazzio’s Pizza at 12:00.

Appletree of Columbia donated a large amount of yardage again for our use with charity projects.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE—Amanda still needs someone for Program.

PresidentDonna R.

1st Vice-President—Lavonne B.

2nd Vice-President—Betty L.

Secretary—Norma Jeane F.

Treasurer—Paula S.

Newsletter—Linda C.

Board meeting will be March 20, 2007, at 10:00 a.m. at the YMCA.

Tide to go will remove markings from a quilt.

Show-n-Tell was presented.

Meeting adjourned.



Donna R., Secretary






March 20, 2007


President Micki U. opened the meeting.

Board minutes of January were approved as printed in the newsletter.

Treasurer reported that we have received a new limited tax exempt number and if you need to buy something for the Guild, you will need a copy of this letter.  She reported a balance of $1,433.49 as of today.



2nd VP—Barbara Crawford for April 10, Raymond Houston of St. Louis is for May 8 with a workshop on the morning of May 9.  There is a Surface Design Show on May 31-June 3 at the Kansas City Art Institute.

PROGRAM—Programs are set for 2007-2008 starting in July.

NOMINATING—Still need someone for program chair.


Linda C. will audit the books.

Crazy Ladies are meeting today and will be mailing their cancer blocks as they come in.

Meeting adjourned.



Donna R., Secretary





Barbara Crawford of Crawford Designs will be with us on April 10 to share “The Art of Needle Felting.”  She will include her latest designs and techniques.  It is sure to be fun, different, and something new for most of us.






Would you like to be a winner?  Check with Marlyn M. about different ways to win cash or fabric in the 2007 Quilt Show!      






Donna R.                   10

Mildred M.                         19




March Hostesses


Joyce K.

Marilyn S.

Anita C.

Paula S.  







The 2007 Quilt Show will have two separate Silent Auctions, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  You are encouraged to make wall hangings, stockings, and other appealing items as well as miniatures for the Silent Auctions.  If you need additional information about this change, contact Rita M.


You are also requested to donate vintage items such as fiesta ware, metal cookware, handkerchiefs, etc. that can be used with fat quarters and sold in the bazaar.  Quilt magazines, patterns, and books would be good items for the bazaar.  This may be a good time to do some spring cleaning and help the Guild at the same time.





These Guild members are in our thoughts—Kathryn J., Alice B., Darlene L., Karen G., Michael M., and Betty E.






March 31-April 1  Quilters’ Heaven Quilt Show  Special Exhibit:  Women of Biblical Proportion  Winfield Middle

School  130 Viking Blvd.  Winfield, Kansas


April 25-27  AQS Quilt Show & Contest   Paducah, Kentucky 


May 14-18  Quilt Camp  Registration closes March 1, 2007  Teachers:  Betty Lenz—Making Applique Look Easy; Kaye Moore—Getting Comfortable With Wool; Gloria Krumsiek—Learning Basic Fancy Stitches  Arrow Rock, Missouri


June 2-3  Missouri River Quilt Fest  Lewis & Clark Middle School  325 Lewis & Clark Drive  Jefferson City, Missouri


2007 Country Patchwork Quilt Guild Quilt Show—Do you know the date?  Be sure to put it on your calendar!






Linda L.

Interests:  quilting, dog training, riding

motorcycles, crochet, cross stitch,

drawing with graphite






The due date for the May newsletter articles has been changed to April 22.



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