Country Notes

Volume 18 Issue 3

September 2006


Country Patchwork Quilt  Guild

PO Box 365  Marshall, MO 65340


 From the President ----

Hi all.  I can hardly write this letter this morning because I am watching the rain fall.  The lake behind my house is spilling over the concrete landing and I have water standing in the low spot in my backyard.  We have needed the rain for so long.  This would be a good day to quilt.  Maybe finish up those projects for the gift bazaar or for the silent auction.  Actually, you probably have time to start a new project!  The quilt show is only a month away!!!!

Well, it is cross country season again.  The first meet will be next Saturday at Liberty.  Jacob is a senior this year and that means this is my last season to serve muffins, juice, and hot chocolate when the kids are boarding the bus.  We start the season worrying that the kids will overheat and end the season in coats and ear muffs.  Give me a perfect day with perfect weather and I still couldn’t run three miles!

Hope to see you all at the September meeting.  We will have some last minute “stuff” to take care of before the Show.

See you then!




Melvin and I have been married for 48 years and have 3 children.  Janene and husband Randall B run an Auto Parts store  and have three children; Celia who is an ag teacher,  Jeremy, a senior, and Renee, a junior.  Darin and Wendy M live in  KS, and have three children; Cody, a seventh grader, Garrett, a fourth grader, and Wyatt, a kindergartener.  Nicole and husband Charlie have just moved to Kansas City, MO, where both now work.

I learned to sew in home ec in school and have sewn all my married life.  I owned and operated the Main Street Fabrics store in Carrollton for about ten years, held quilting classes, and got hooked.  Currently,

I coordinate the quilting at the First Baptist Church.  We make around ten quilts and donate them to the children’s home at Peculiar, MO, to be auctioned off.  I enjoy every part of quilting, especially the applique.

In the past I have helped Melvin do some carpentering, but have decided I’d rather be quilting.  I do some painting, a little gardening, and canning when I have too.  I also enjoy cooking when the kids come home.

I’ve chosen a nine patch using batiks and I’ll furnish the background.




AUGUST 8, 2006


President Micki U called the meeting to order.


The secretary’s minutes were approved as printed in the newsletter.  The treasurer reported that we sold $30 worth of raffle tickets at the Columbia Guild meeting and $242 at the Santa Fe Trails Days.  The budget and treasurer’s report as printed in the newsletter were approved.



2nd VP—There will be a workshop next month in the morning before the regular meeting.  It will be on postcards.

PROGRAM—She has information for those that would like to go to the Houston Quilt Show, which is Nov. 1-4, 2006.  See Betty if interested.

NEWSLETTER—If you didn’t receive one, please let Linda know.  Quilts on Main in St. Charles is Saturday, September 9.

HISTORIAN—Eveleth H has volunteered.

LIBRARIAN—If you want a 2007 calendar book, let her know.

CHARITY—Still selling the cancer blocks.

SUNSHINE—Signing a card for Carolyn.  Marlyn’s husband is doing better and has no paralysis.  Betty E broke her arm and is doing better.  Kathryn J’s husband has some more infection in his arm and they need to take care of that.

HOSPITALITY—Need someone to take care of that till Carolyn is better.

NAME TAG POLICE—Not collecting today because we couldn’t get downstairs.

QUILT SHOW 2006—Sign up sheets being passed around.  Going to cut and make a small quilt at the show with demos and information being given out.

QUILT SHOW 2007—Have fabric and waiting for written approval from the designer to use the pattern.

FRIENDSHIP BLOCK—Marlyn M was collecting for Marcella.  Michael handed his out—a maple leaf block.  Marlyn M was chosen for next month.

HELPFUL HINT—Dorothy R:  On your spool of thread, marking with a permanent marker the spot where you hook the thread through saves time looking for it.  If you have blocks that are of different sizes, put a small sashing strip around them and then cut them to the same size.  If you use a dark material with a small overall figure for the sashing, it will hardly show that each sash is actually made of two strips sewn together.   You can also put them on point and the difference of size will not be so noticeable.  If you would like an oversized light box or storage box, you can use a plastic storage box, put a fluorescent “stick on” light inside.  Just make sure that the top or bottom is smooth so that you can write on it.  Kathy C’s hint from last month was cut your thread twice as long and pull it halfway through your material, put a needle on the other end and quilt both ways, thus having to knot and tie off less often.  Marlyn M—Keep a small sack around your work area to put threads and trash in which makes clean up quick.

DOOR PRIZE—Marlyn M won.  Sept. 23 Quilter’s Harvest will have a speaker on how Princess Meira fabrics are made.


Micki put an ad in the paper for quilts for the Quilt Show and received two responses.  There was an article in the Kansas City Star about Quilter’s Station in Lee’s Summit reporting that it is one of the top ten stores—7100 square feet with 7000 to 8000 bolts of fabric.  Some interesting facts it mentioned were that quilters were 99% female, 58 years old, spend more than $500 on quilting related expenditures, represent 5.21% of all quilters and account for 94.7% of expenditures, are well educated (76% attended college), are affluent with an annual income of $80,397, spend an average of $1,934 a year, and have been quilting an average of 12.3 years.

Show and tell was presented.

Program was presented by Marlyn M.  She showed quilts that will be auctioned off at the Children’s Home in Peculiar, MO, on Sept. 9, 2006, plus some quilts that have been purchased at previous auctions.  All quilts were quilted by the First Baptist Church of Carrollton ladies.



August  11, the CPQG will show quilts at the State Fair.

 The board had a presentation about the Nicholas Beasley museum last month.  A request that we support the idea was made but not for anything to do with quilts.

Cancer blocks will be sold at the Senior Center on Aug. 18 and at the auction at the New Life Center (Methodist Church) for the Fitzgibbon Cancer Center on Aug. 26 starting at 8:00 a.m.



Quilt Show meeting is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. and board meeting at 10:00 a.m. next Tuesday at the YMCA.

Meeting adjourned.



Donna R, Secretary





AUGUST 8, 2006


President Micki U called the meeting to order.  The minutes as printed in the newsletter were approved.

Treasurer’s report was handed out.  The balance was $892.70 and it was approved.



2ND VP—Asked that the selling price of the pins he ordered for the Quilt Show be set at $6.  It was approved.  Reported there would be a workshop Tuesday morning on postcards with lunch on your own.  Be there by 8:30 a.m. to get all set up.  At the Sept. meeting sign ups for the Fall Luncheon will be taken.

CHARITY—Selling cancer blocks at the Senior Center on Aug. 18 and on Aug. 26 at the Methodist Church Life Center.

HOSPITALITY—Anita C has volunteered.

QUILT SHOW 2006—Will be selling raffle tickets at the Waverly Apple Jubilee.


The quilt show at the Fair was fun and enjoyable, but one day was enough.

Meeting adjourned.



Donna R, Secretary





September Birthdays 


Anita C          2

Micki U           4

Karen G      21

Donna B        26


  September Hostesses

  Kathy C

  Gayle H

Katherine S





Michael’s quilt “The Country Patchwork Village” was accepted at Houston.  The quilt will hang at the International Quilt Festival from November 1 to November 5.  Remember, what started out as friendship blocks has evolved into this recognized quilt!  So, congratulations also to members who contributed blocks and to the quilter Micki U.

Michael, we are proud of you!



We will be having a short board meeting immediately prior to the general meeting on September 12.  This meeting will be held at 12:30 p.m. at the church to discuss applying for the Marshall Tourism Grant for 2007.  We have the opportunity to work with the Marshall Chamber in applying for and receiving these grant monies.  Micki, Betty L, and Kathy C attended a meeting with the Chamber and it seems that forming this relationship should be of benefit to us.  All members are welcome to attend.



Booneslick Quilters’ Guild in Columbia, MO, has openings in the workshop “Exploring Fabric Painting 1” on Tuesday afternoon, September 12, 2006.  The workshop is given by fabric artist Martha Heimbaugh from Lindsborg, KS.  She is a member of the Heartland Quilt Network.  If you ever wanted to learn how to paint on fabric and add to your quilting project, this would be the class to take.  Participants will learn 9-10 different painting techniques and leave the class with painted samples in hand, along with a set of instructions.  All you need to do is wear old clothes and pack a bag lunch.  The fee is $65 which includes all workshop supplies to complete the samples.  The workshop will be held at one of our guild member’s home.  There is limited amount of parking at her home so people will be meeting at the east end of Home Depot parking lot on Highway PP and carpooling.  Someone there will have a list of all people attending the workshop.  If you would like to come to this exciting workshop, please make a check payable to BTQG and put the name of the workshop and a daytime phone number on the check.  Send the check to Sally Johnson, 3003 Linde, Columbia, MO 65202.  The check must be received no later than August 2006.  For more information, contact Sally Johnson at 573-474-6278 or



September 9—9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.— Quilts on Main Quilt Show--St. Charles, MO

September 12—9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.--CPQG Workshop “Let’s Trade Cards/Postcards”—Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Marshall, MO—Fee $10—Artist:  Patti Cantu

September 12—1:00 p.m.—CPQG Meeting—Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Marshall, MO—“What’s Your Bag?” Program by Patti Cantu

September 30-October 1--Country Patchwork Quilt Guild Quilt Show--Marshall, MO, YMCA

September 30-October 15--Heart of America Quilt Show--Crown Center, Atrium and Showplace

October 10—CPQG Fall Luncheon—Christian Church, Marshall, MO—Guest speaker Suzanne Marshall from Clayton, MO—Sign up with Michael Marsh before October 1--Cost $10 to program chairman




Special thoughts and concern go out to Betty E due to the recent death of her husband Earl.





The September meeting will be the last opportunity to sign up for jobs at the Quilt Show.  Remember, the income from this show is what keeps our Guild viable.  Receiving the Marshall Tourism Grant has allowed us to increase our advertising this year and we are anticipating having a lot of people attend.  Having a lot of people coming to view the show will mean we need a lot of people to work the show.  Please sign up for a job.   Also, don’t forget the sign-up sheets for the kitchen.  Please check with Paula and Anita to see what items they may need brought in.


Thank you to everyone who has donated items for the bazaar and to the miniature auction.  We are looking forward to another successful show!





All articles for the newsletter must be submitted by the 25th to

Linda C



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