Country Notes

Volume 18 Issue 4

October 2006


Country Patchwork Quilt  Guild

PO Box 365  Marshall, MO 65340


 From the President ----

Hi all.


Hope everybody is doing great.  Probably by the time you get this, the Quilt Show will be over but I am writing this on the Monday before.  This is going to be a busy week.  I hope the weather is good and I hope this show is the greatest one ever!!!!


I do need to recommend to you all one thing.  If you ever want to chair the Quilt Show, I think partnering up is the only way to go.  Michael, Amanda, and I joined forces to chair this show and I can’t imagine how one person could do this!  We have planned and plotted and sometimes gotten aggravated but this has been a great year and a great experience.  Good luck next year to Marsella and Marlyn!


The weather has certainly cooled off.  Good quilting weather!  I need to get to the basement to do the blocks for the opportunity quilt for next year!


See ya soon!                                                





October 10, 2006

Please join us in celebrating the completion of our yearly Quilt Show with our Fall Luncheon, which will be held at the Christian Church.  It is a great time to bring friends and prospective new friends, who are interested in possibly becoming members.  The lunch will once again be $10.  Please sign up with Michael Marsh prior to October 1 and pay luncheon fees to the program chair. 

Our guest speaker this year will be Suzanne Marshall from Clayton, MO.  Her presentation is a slide show titled “The Evolution of a Quiltmaker.”  According to Suzanne, “The slide show includes slides of quilts that I have made from the first pathetic attempt to my most recent prize winning quilt.  For the quilts that have won awards, I show slides of the design inspirations such as the lamppost in front of the St. Louis Art Museum, mosaic floor tiles from St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, a 15th century Italian manuscript, pages out of library books, and embroidery motifs.  A vital part of the slide presentation includes the comments and critiques, both positive and negative, that  I have  received from contest judges for the award winning quilts.  It is often encouraging for other quilters to hear that a quilt can win a top prize in a competition and still receive negative comments!  Viewers can look at the slides of the quilts and decide if they agree with the positive and negative comments made by the judges.



Regular Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2006


President Micki U held a special Board Meeting at 12:30 p.m. concerning our application for the grant money for advertising for the Quilt Show 2007.  It was recommended to submit the application to the Marshall Tourism Committee, a part of the Marshall Chamber of Commerce.  The motion was made, seconded, and approved.

President Micki U called the regular meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  She welcomed our guest speaker Patti Cantu. 

Kathryn J asked for a moment of silence in honor of Carolyn M; she will be greatly missed.

The minutes and treasurer’s report were approved as printed in the newsletter. 



2nd VP—Suzanne Marshall will be the guest speaker at the luncheon on October 10.  You can call to add or cancel a reservation for the luncheon up to a week ahead.  It will be at the Christian Church as before.

LIBRARIAN—She can still order 2007 calendar date books.  She has ordered several books on postcards.

CHARITY—The quilt top that was donated for the auction at the Baptist Children’s Home at Peculiar (quilted by the ladies of Carrollton Baptist Church) sold for $425.  We will not be doing a quilt for the Relay for Life next year.  Twenty-five hand pieced sampler blocks made by Widgie Lovell, who died of cancer, will be made into a quilt and we need to decide where it should go.

MEMORIALS—Betty P bought memorial books for Kathy C’s mother, Betty E's husband, and for Carolyn M.

HOSPITALITY—Will check over the inventory of supplies and restock what is needed.

QUILT SHOW 2006—They have the quilt show pins for sale at $6 each.  They only ordered 100.  The pin represents our opportunity quilt.  Linda C has the book ready.  Still need sign ups for helping out at the Quilt Show.  A BIG THANK YOU to Gayle H for doing our ribbons.  We will be selling tickets for the opportunity quilt at the Waverly Apple Jubilee.

QUILT SHOW 2007—This will be our 20th Quilt Show.  The opportunity quilt will be in ‘30’s prints.  It is a Marsha McCloskey pattern with a feathered star.  It is 90 X 90.  If you took a fan block, please return it at the Fall Luncheon on October 10.  The star blocks need to be returned at the November meeting.  Theme for the Quilt Show will be vintage items.

WEB PAGE—If you want your newsletter by e-mail, let Suann know.

FRIENDSHIP BLOCK—Marsella said thank you to everyone who did a block for her.  Michael collected his blocks.  Marlyn handed her block pattern out.  Betty Sue S was chosen for September.

DOOR PRIZE—Paula won the bag donated by Michael.  Donna B won the fat quarters.

Darlene L has a bunch of Work Basket Magazines.  If you would like some, contact her.

Crazy Ladies are taking a short break till after the Quilt Show.

Applique—If you want to meet, let Kathryn know.

Cancer Center blocks are still for sale.  We sold $770 for the Relay for Life and have also sold $870 worth of blocks.  We will also be selling them at the Senior Center and at the Quilt Show.

Quilt Show meeting will be at 9 a.m. at the YMCA with the Board Meeting at 10 a.m. next Tuesday, Sept. 19.

Show-n-Tell was presented.

The program was presented by Patti Cantu, President of the Starlight Piecemakers of Columbia.  It was on what to do with our old purses.

Meeting adjourned.



Donna R, Secretary



Board Meeting

September 19, 2006


Meeting was called to order by President Micki U.

August board meeting minutes as printed in the newsletter were approved.

Treasurer’s report was handed out and approved.



1st VP—Please keep money organized in the money bags for the Quilt Show.  It will help the treasurer out a great deal when she has to count it all out.

2nd VP—Forty-one reservations have been made for the Fall Luncheon so far.

NEWSLETTER—There will be sign up sheets at the November meeting concerning receiving the newsletter by e-mail or through the mail.  You may choose one or the other or you can contact Linda C or Suann C before that.

CHARITY—The blocks from Widgie L will be made into a quilt and a small wall hanging but work on it will be put off until after the Quilt Show and holidays are over.  We will be selling cancer blocks at the Quilt Show.  Saturday, September 30, is National Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  So, please wear PINK that day.  If you don’t have a pink shirt, at least wear a pink ribbon.  On Sunday, please wear your Quilt Guild shirt.

LIBRARY—We need to find the list that has all the books that are in the library.  There was one, but it has somehow disappeared.

Carolyn M’s daughters are giving the guild members (not the Guild) boxes of material that were Carolyn’s.  They will be brought to the next several meetings to be looked at and chosen from.

The Grant Application was submitted to the committee.

The Guild usually buys a book as a memorial upon the death of a member or a member’s family member.  Do we want to continue to do this or make a memorial to this person’s choice of memorial?  Should the book go to the Marshall Library or to the city library where this person lived?

Meeting adjourned.


Donna R,





October Birthdays 


Ida Mae D            6

Sarah D               6

Kathy C                 7

Marsella P            14

Betty S                 19

Michael M             24







September  28-October 7, 2006  Show Me Safari 2006


September 30-October 1  Country Patchwork Quilt Guild Quilt Show, Marshall YMCA


September 30-October 15, 2006  Heart of America Quilt Show, Crown Center, Atrium & Showplace


November 3, 4, 5, 2006  Quilters Have Heart Fall Retreat, Grand Glaize Inn, Lake of the Ozarks


November 9-12, 2006  Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition, Renaissance Schaumbert Hotel & Convention Center


November 18, 19, 2006  Booneslick Trail Quilters’ Guild 2006 Quilt Show “A Trail of Stars,” Holiday Inn Expo Center, Columbia, MO


February 3, 4, 2007  The Nature of Nebraska Quilt Contest & “It’s Quilting Time” Quilt Show, Grand Island, NE


For additional information regarding any of the events above, contact Micki U.



In Our Thoughts . . .

Millie M fell and broke her arm.  She has had surgery and is recuperating at home.



All articles for the newsletter must be submitted by the 25th to

Linda C



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