Country Notes

Volume 17 Issue 12

July 2006


Country Patchwork Quilt  Guild

PO Box 365  Marshall, MO 65340

 From the President ----

Hi all.  Well, things have been absolutely crazy around here.  I’m hoping that everyone has heard about the “Relay for Life” project.  As I write this on Wednesday, the 14th, we are gearing up to quilt all night on the 16th.  I hope that many of you will be coming to help.  I think this will be a great “dual-purpose” project.  We will donate the money from the blocks sold to the relay and donate the quilt/quilts to the Fitzgibbon Cancer Center.  Wouldn’t it be a great thing if cancer could be “cured” in our lifetimes?  Wouldn’t it be an even greater thing to know that some little something that we did might have helped made a difference?  I have to tell you all thank you again for my beautiful quilt top.  I can’t wait to get it layered and start quilting on it.  It is absolutely wonderful.  Maybe I can get some quilting done this summer.  Maybe.  Looking forward to seeing you all either Friday night or at the next meeting.  Hope you are having a great summer!




I have been a member of the Guild for a few years and I enjoy every opportunity to learn more about quilting.

My grandmothers all quilted and when I retired, I was anxious to get started and it is a real passion for me and I can be labeled a “fabricaholic as well.”  We winter in  Florida, and I have quilting friends there also.

We have just celebrated our 55th anniversary with a trip to Alaska.  We have three sons, Mark and wife Gail, Charlie and Sarah of  KS; Byron and Cheryl, Dana, Nolan, and Shannon of MO; and Lyle and Lori of  Washington, sons Eric of Ann Arbor, MI, and Nathan of  MO. I especially like the Log Cabin Pattern and the 30’s reproduction fabrics so I’m still in the planning stage.  I will be visiting in Vancouver and attending the Sisters Oregon show at Guild time but  Marlyn M. has come to my rescue and I want to thank all of you in advance for taking a block.  See you in August.


Most sincerely,





MAY 9, 2006


President Micki U called the meeting to order and welcomed our guests Millie H, of Independence and Shelly B of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The minutes as printed in the Newsletter were approved.

The Treasurer’s report as printed in the Newsletter was approved and dues are due.


MARCIA—Workshop is still available, still room for the spring trip to Overland Park, KS.

CHARITY—Cancer quilt is finished, 34 quilts were given to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, a quilt was made for the Baptist Children’s Home, some were made for veterans, gave 2 Easter baskets for 2 little girls from the March tornado, gave a quilt for the benefit auction for a 10-year old boy with cancer from


SUNSHINE—Gayle H paid her dues and is doing better, Eileen is back, Lavonne said thank you for the cards and thoughts, Betty P had a pump put in her back to help with the pain.

GREETER—Collected 75 cents for no name tags.

MICHAEL—May 13 in Arrow Rock.  Keep selling tickets; bookmarks are ready to mail out to a 4-state area.  Money from Marshall Tourism board was used for the bookmarks.  Be sure to put your name on the back of the tickets you sell because if your name is on the winning ticket, you will also win a prize.  The Quilt Show committee will be providing lunch for those on the different committees that help organize the Quilt Show at the July meeting.

FRIENDSHIP BLOCK—Sarah collected her blocks, Micki handed hers out, and Marcella P was chosen for May.

HELPFUL HINT—Rita M--check the date on your baking powder, yeast, and medicine.  It does make a difference.

DOOR PRIZE—Was won by Jane L.

SHOW-N-TELL—Was presented.



Crazy Ladies—The next meeting is June 6 at 9 a.m.  Bring work you have finished.  Dixie may go to Omaha.

Applique—Bring projects to the July meeting day in the morning.



Our Guild, if interested, has been asked to put on a trunk show at the MO State Fair.  We also have been invited to put some quilts on display at the Good Shepard Home in Concordia on Wed., May 17.  You are invited to view Quilt Camp at Brown’s Church in Arrow Rock on May 16, 17, and 18.  Columbia Historical Society will have quilts made by slaves on display for the month of May except on Mondays.


A Thank You note was read from Nellie M.


A motion was made and seconded to approve the revisions made to the By-Laws.  It was approved.


Nominations for new officers were:  President—Micki U; 1st Vice-President—Lavonne B; 2nd Vice-President—Michael M; Program—Betty L; Secretary—Donna R; Treasurer—Amanda M.


Amanda presented Micki with her President’s Quilt.


Nominations were approved.  Sarah D installed the new officers.


Micki said a personal Thank You to Kathryn, Kathy, Betty, Amanda, Lavonne, Michael, Donna, Marilyn, Norma Jeane, and Suann for all their help and support this last year.


Program was given by Shelly Burge, a slide show “Traveling Down the Patchwork Road,” and also a trunk show.


Meeting was adjourned and refreshments were served.



Donna R, Secretary  





MAY 16, 2006


President Micki U called the meeting to order with the newly elected and last year’s board members present.


April’s board meeting minutes were approved as printed in the Newsletter.  Treasurer handed out a report showing a net worth of $5,673.61.


We need to consider changing the mileage we pay for our program speakers.  We are now paying 38 cents a mile but the government just raised theirs to 41 cents a mile.



MARCIA—Decided not to do a trip block for the spring trip.

NEWSLETTER—Any information for the Newsletter needs to go to Linda C.

SUNSHINE—Rita M has volunteered.

HISTORIAN—Needs to be filled.

QUILT SHOW 2006—Sold 98 tickets at Arrow Rock.



We will be putting on a trunk show at the MO State Fair on Friday, August 11, from 11:00 to 11:45 a.m.  Need volunteers to help Rita M and need quilts to show.


Everybody who is in charge of a committee or would like to be, be at the church at 11:00 on July 10 the regular meeting day for a lunch that the Quilt Show is providing for the helpers.


Marshall is building a new civic center and would like our Guild to be involved by supplying a quilt to be on permanent display and hold our quilt shows there.  Will ask Bill R to come to the board meeting on July 18 at YMCA to give us more information.


Fitzgibbons Hospital is building a Cancer Center addition.  So, at the Relay of Life we are going to make blocks using Micki’s friendship block pattern and sell them for $10 and people can sign them for themselves or in someone’s memory.  The money will go to Relay for Life but the quilts made from the quilt blocks will go to the hospital.  We will be putting the blocks together and then put them together into a quilt that night.  We will need people to help that night with cutting, sewing, pressing, getting blocks signed, and taking the money.  Please try and come out at least for a few hours if not all night Friday, June 16-17.  Micki and Michael will purchase the fabric and get some cut and ready to go.


Meeting was adjourned.



Donna R, Secretary





Loretta H         12                                        Darlene L    18

Norma Jeane F   15                                       Marlyn M      24







Oops!  Remember when I handed out those packets of tickets and we all groaned in unison; well, I sort of goofed.  If you sell the tickets individually, you are okay.  Thirty tickets were included.  If you sell $5 for 6 tickets, you will be short.  So, let me know if you need those other 6 tickets.  Or even better more!!




In July, Rosemary Cromer from Overland Park, KS, will be joining us and presenting her uplifting lecture on “If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Then Go Barefoot!” along with a trunk show.  This woman is full of creativity and will be giving us a “charge” to get us jump-started for the next year, especially in color development and design sense.




Remember, on  July 11 at 11 a.m., we are to meet for a QUILT SHOW BUSINESS MEETING and LUNCHEON at the church.  Lunch will be served by Micki, Amanda, and Michael.  This is for anyone who is interested, but ESPECIALLY

for the different heads of departments in regard to the 2006 Quilt Show.  If you are having a dilemma, this is the time and place to bring it up, not later at the quilt show.  See you there!




It is important that we each try to donate at least one item to these different areas.  Whatever you can contribute

will be greatly appreciated by all of us.  Thanks for all of your continued support!




We went to the June meeting and presented the tri-fold brochure and the bookmarks to them and updated them on the advertising that we have done.  They seemed to be very impressed with the way we were spending the grant money and happy that we gave them the update.  Over 1,000 brochures and nearly 10,000 bookmarks have been distributed.  We will soon have an ad in “Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine” and in the “Country Register.”  The Kansas City Star advertisement will be in September.




Yes, the Quilt Show is coming up soon.  Three months!  Hope you have your quilts all done and ready to hang.  We will have registration forms ready at the July meeting.


Speaking of the July meeting—don’t forget that Michael, Amanda, and Micki will be serving lunch to all who are

involved with the Quilt Show!  You know, that should be everyone!  There are a lot of jobs to do—some big and

some small—but we need everyone’s help.


Please consider making an item for the gallery and the silent auction.  Also, turn in your ticket money and if there is

an opportunity to hang the quilt and sell chances, please let us know!  Alma will be coming up soon—hope somebody can make arrangements for us to have a spot there!!!  Let one of us know!  We are so excited about this show.  It is going to be a great one!



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