Country Patchwork Quilt Guild

Promoting the art of fine quilting through education and sharing of experience, skill, inspiration, and fellowship.




Country Patchwork Quilt Guild By-Laws


Article I  


This non-profit organization will be known as the Country Patchwork Quilt Guild.


Article II


The purpose of this organization is to promote the art of fine quilting through education and sharing of experience, skill, inspiration and fellowship.


Article III


Members shall have an interest in some phase of quilting and be active in the development of such arts and the preservation thereof.

A person may attend two (2) regular meetings of the Guild as a guest before being required to join if further attendance is desired.

All dues paying members shall be eligible to vote on matters pertaining to policy and procedures of the organization.

There will be no limit to the number of members in the group.

The membership year shall run from June 1st to May 31st.

Persons joining the Guild before May 1, 1988, shall be charter members.


Article IV


Members must pay the required dues which are non-refundable.

Dues shall be paid in April and are considered delinquent if not paid by the May meeting.  Members not paying by the May meeting will be dropped from the mailing list.

Persons joining between May 1st and December 31st shall pay full dues.  Persons joining between January 1st and April 30th shall pay only half dues with full dues being payable by May 1st.


Article V


The annual meeting shall be held in May at which time officers will be elected and inducted. 

The guild shall meet on the second Tuesday of each month excluding June and December.

Special meetings may be called by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee.

A quorum shall be 25% of the membership.

Satellite groups may be organized within the Guild membership after receiving board approval.  The groups shall report to the guild on their activities.


Article VI

Election and Terms of Office

The nomination committee shall present a slate of candidates for office to the group in April.

The May meeting will be open for other nominations and ballots will be cast.  Newly elected officers will take office at the July meeting.

An individual shall be elected by simple majority of all members in attendance.

Outgoing officers shall pass on all records to their incoming counterparts following the May meeting. 

The term of office for all officers shall be one year with the exception of Program Chairman and Second Vice-President.  Program Chairman shall advance to Second Vice-President. 

Officers may not hold the same office more than two (2) consecutive terms.

In the event that an officer cannot complete the full term, an appointment shall be made by the president with the approval of the executive committee.


Article VII

Officers and Board of Directors

The officers shall consist of —



· Shall preside at all monthly meetings.

· Shall call and preside at meetings of the Executive Committee.

· Perform other incidental duties of position as required.

· Appoint committees necessary to the Guild’s welfare.


· Shall perform duties of the President and/or Second Vice-President should either be absent.

· Shall secure and ready meeting room for all meetings.

· Shall plan and implement President’s quilt.

Second Vice-President (2nd year of two year term)

· Shall introduce all guest artists/speakers that have been contracted the preceding year.

· Coordinate annual trip.

Program Chairman (1st year of two year term)

· Shall plan and secure all guest artists/speakers for the next Guild year.

· Shall arrange and secure three contracted workshops with Guest Artists for the next Guild year.  Any additional contracted workshops may be scheduled with prior board approval.

· Plan and arrange annual trip for next Guild year.


· Shall keep an accurate record of all meetings.

· Shall handle all correspondence.

· Shall deliver copies of minutes to President and Newsletter Chairman.

· Shall submit calendar of events and meeting minutes to web page director.

· Shall submit calendar of events to local newspaper.


· Have charge of all funds, receive dues and disburse monies.

· Keep accurate records of all transactions and report same to  the General Board.

· Be responsible for filing the annual Registration Report with the State of Missouri.

· Perform all other incidental duties of the office as required.

· Maintain a list of all current members.

· The treasurer will submit books for review following the May general meeting and any other such time as there is a change in the organization's treasurer.

Immediate Past President


Chairmen to be appointed by the President are the following —


· Shall prepare and distribute a newsletter (Country Notes) to members at least one week prior to each monthly meeting.  Any member is welcome to submit items to be included in the newsletter.  There will be no advertising allowed in the newsletter.

· Maintains current list of members.

· Maintains Member Directory.

Web Site Director

· Shall maintain and update website.


· Shall maintain scrapbook/picture album of the Guild activities, etc.


· Shall have the care of the Guild’s collection of books.

· Shall record all checkouts and returns.

· Shall maintain current listing of all Guild books.


· Determines three charity projects for each guild year.


· Contact person for messages regarding illness, death, etc.

· Initiates telephone chain-line

Friendship Block

· Maintains all records pertaining to Friendship Block drawing.

· Follows up on delinquent blocks.

Door Prize

· Secures door prize, collects monies and distributes tickets.


· Responsible for securing hostess for each general meeting.

· Secures supplies for refreshments.


· Will make member name tags available at meetings.

· Will provide name tags for visitors at meetings.

· Has guest book available at all meetings.  Welcomes visitors.

All Chairmen are members of the General Board.  Additionally, Quilt Show Chairman and Co-Chairman are members.

A quorum shall be 25% of the General Board.


Article VIII


Standing Committees —

Executive Committee:  Called at the direction of the President.

Budget Committee:  Treasurer and two members as appointed by the President.

Nomination Committee:  Appointed by the President and consist of one Executive member and two members.

Audit Committee:  Appointed by the President annually prior to May meeting.

Special Appointed Committee:  Appointed as needed by the President. 


Article IX


Amendments may be proposed by any member.

Amendments shall be presented at a general meeting and voted upon at the next general meeting.

A simple majority is needed to pass an amendment.

All by-laws shall be reviewed during even calendar years.


Article X

Parliamentary Procedure

The parliamentary authority in all matters not covered by these bylaws shall be the Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


Friendship Group Guidelines

A name will be drawn at each regular monthly meeting from names of members with friendship credits. 

Each new member will receive one credit when dues are paid.

Each time you complete a block for a friend whose name was drawn, you will receive one (1) credit.  The more you participate the better chance you have of being a winner.

Winner’s Responsibilities

Month 1

· Your name is drawn.

· Select and prepare your pattern, including accurate pattern, any or all or none of  fabric desired, and explicit instructions on construction, i.e. color, type of material, etc.

Month 2

· Arrive at meeting early so kits (patterns) can be given out to the lucky friends.

Month 3

· Collect your blocks at the meeting.  Keep accurate record of all who complete a block, and turn in to the Friendship Chairman.

· Begin assembling your quilt top.

Month 4 and 5

· Continue to assemble and finish your quilt top.

Month 6

· Bring your assembled quilt top to the meeting for Show and Tell and show it proudly!

After your name has been drawn, you will not be eligible again until at least 12 more credits and one full year has passed.

Friend’s Responsibilities

· Take a kit (pattern) and sign the paper for the winner.

· Do your best work and carefully follow directions:

· Write your name on a slip of paper and pin to the block.

· Turn block in at the meeting one month after you have taken it, or call the winner and make arrangements to get it to her promptly.

· Do Not take a pattern if you know you won’t have time to make it that month, as it will keep the winner from completing her quilt top in time.

The Friendship Block Chairman will follow-up on late blocks.

Quilt Show

On-going satellite group within Country Patchwork Quilt Guild comprised of general membership. 

Guidelines for this group are contained within the Quilt Show Manual that is passed from Chairman to Chairman.

Each year the Chairman of this group will secure their own Co-chairman who will then progress into Chairman the following year.

All activities of this group will be monitored by the General Board.


Additional information.


Education Grant.

The Country Patchwork Quilt Guild board of directors may disburse funds upon request of Guild member(s) to attend educational activities that enhance and promote the art of quilting.

Basic guidelines for such requests shall include but not be limited to --

· Requests must be submitted in writing not less than 60 (sixty) days prior to “need”.

· Member requesting funds must agree to share information with other members by presenting a program or by conducting a workshop.

The board decision will be influenced by but not limited to --

· Adequate funds being available

· Interest in subject matter by Guild members.

· Benefit to Guild members.

The Country Patchwork Quilt Guild board of directors will evaluate each request independently and requesting member shall be notified.


Telescopic Quilt Frames.

The Country Patchwork Quilt Guild may at the discretion of the board of directors loan the quilt frames to any current member. 

Basic guidelines for loaning the frames shall include but not be limited to --

· Arrangements shall be made with an Executive Officer of the Guild.

· Pick up and return of frames shall be the responsibility of the borrower.

· The borrower shall be responsible for repair or replacement of any damaged property.


Rental of Wooden Quilt Frames.

The Country Patchwork Quilt Guild may at the discretion of the board of directors rent the quilt frames for use by other guilds.

Basic guidelines for renting the frames shall include but not be limited to --

· A rental fee shall be charged.

· The renter shall be responsible for repair or replacement of any damaged property.

· A guild member must be present when frames are loaded, unloaded and during assembly.

The Country Patchwork Quilt Guild board of directors will evaluate each request independently.